A Really Easy Way to Be 10x Better Than Everyone Else


A Really Easy Way to Be 10x Better Than Everyone Else

Don’t overcomplicate this.


Most people either: A, ignore the basics or B, want to skip over them.

They want to get into the fancy advanced techniques. Or worse, skip right to success without doing any work at all.

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But, if you can nail the basics, you will win at the game of life.

Here are 10 areas where I’ve applied these basics in the real world. I did the “do the basics work??” experiment for you. Now you just have to go nail them.

For health:

Eat well. This means whole foods. Lots of veggies & healthy fats.
Move a lot. Lifting, walking, sprinting.
Sleep 7+ hours. Get on a set schedule. 10p-6a is a great one.

For wealth:

Budget. Positive cash flow is king.
Increase income. Job hop, side hustles, affiliate marketing, who cares- just build more income streams.
Invest at regular intervals. Buy up quality assets constantly.

For productivity:

Deep work. Give yourself 3–4 hours of uninterrupted work every day.
Timeblocks/deadlines. Schedule your day and set parameters around what you need to accomplish.
Create a plan for the next day each evening. Sit down every night and outline your plan for tomorrow.

For energy:

Sleep well. Nature provides a built-in energy boost- quality sleep.
Get sunlight. Or even daylight. Humans spent most of our existence outside, not hidden away indoors.
Avoid cheap dopamine hits. Likes, follows, notifications. They fuck us up.

For relationships:

Create boundaries. You have to set yourself up for success. What are you willing to accept?
Give your time & attention. These are your two most valuable resources. It’s easy to throw money at someone. It’s harder to be present with them.
Remember important events & dates. You’re a bum if you forget to make special days special.

For mental health:

Serve others. Get outside of yourself.
Practice gratitude. There’s bad stuff sure, but there’s also so much good. Find it and focus on it.
Get out into nature. It’s hard to be depressed when you’re surrounded by greenery and little furry animals.

For Twitter Success:

Create useful threads. Threads are like articles for Twitter. People love them. It’s how you post long form content on a platform that’s 280 characters.
Connect with like minds in DMs. The real magic happens in the DMs. I’ve had chats with Tim Denning and Ayo the Author. I’ve been invited on podcasts. I’ve made real friends.
Show up every day offering value. You can’t show up once a week responding with “great tweet!”. You have to show up every day, on multiple tweets, adding a comment with value.

For sales:

Bring value before the ask. Don’t you dare slide into the DMs or anywhere else asking for someone’s money before you’ve provided value.
Ask great questions then shut up & listen. What do they really want? How can you help them get it?
Create long term relationships vs. 1 off sales. Be less transactional and more interested in relationship building.

For writing:

Consistency > virality. That pesky “show up every day” advice is back.
Learn the art of storytelling. Humans love stories, it’s in our DNA.
Focus on quality first then quantity. Quantity is important (remember the every day part) but you have to nail the quality first.

For leadership:

Care about your people. No one will be lead by someone who doesn’t care about them. It doesn’t happen.

Clarify your vision, with action points. What’s the big goal? What are the steps we take to get there?
Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Smarter people make you smarter and better. Let them work on your ideas. Give them the credit too.


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