7 Types of People You Need to Avoid For A Better Life


7 Types of People You Need to Avoid For A Better Life

You don’t owe anyone anything.


I used to think that the older the friendships, the more valuable they were. That is why I kept in my life people with whom, even though we were on the same page at some point in my life, today it is no longer the same. This made me build toxic relationships, but with which I could “proudly” say that we had 10 or 15 years of friendship.

In the last few months, I realized that having this type of relationship in my life was doing me more harm than happiness, and I began to realize that I should start cutting to the chase to continue growing and having peace.

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Some people can poison your mind, heart, and energy, but we keep them in our lives because we don’t know the negative impact they have, we love them, or we think we owe them something.

However, you should not accept certain types of people in your life because you appreciate them or think they need you because eventually, they can drain all the good things you have if you let them.

Like everything in life, people also play a role in our lives, and after that period ends, it is no longer healthy to have them around. For this reason, in this article, I will show you seven types of people that you must eliminate to start having a better life.

People who live in an eternal false state of suffering.

I had a friend who lived in a constant state of suffering because of everything that happened around her. I tried to help her many times, trying to find her a better job, buying the pills that she needed, and helping her go to a psychologist.

However, I realized that she never did things to change her current state. As much as I tried to help her, she didn’t change jobs, she didn’t save for pills and always needed help to buy them, and she always needed more and more help. Also, I later found out that she did the same thing with other friends.

Although they will not always manipulate you into believing that they are always in a bad situation to take advantage of you, many people never come out of an eternal state of false suffering so you feel bad for them.

I often felt guilty about telling her about my achievements because she never had good news, and it made me feel bad to believe that I possibly did not deserve my current situation.

But these types of people are not always like this because of the situation they live in, but because they do nothing to change. To have them in your life is to fall into their misery game to gain an advantage somehow.

People who invalidate your feelings and way of thinking.

People who invalidate your feelings can make you feel unimportant or irrational. Also, it is usually used as a way to manipulate you. I had those types of people in my life, and I always felt small, weak, or unable to manage my life because they made me feel like my opinions were not as big as their problems.

However, not everybody can manage the pain and problems the same way, and all the feelings are valid; it doesn’t matter how others have handled them.

Extremely insecure people.

It doesn’t matter how perfect you try to be for a person; if you are with someone extremely insecure, you will never be enough.

My best friend used to date someone completely insecure about her body, and she always used it as an excuse for everything negative that happened in the relationship. My friend tried to change everything possible so that she didn’t feel that way, but it was never enough.

When my friend acted in the best possible way, then she began to invent scenarios to bring out her insecurities. There came a time when my friend started to feel like a bad person (even though he was the best) because everything that happened in the relationship had to do with her feeling sad because of him.

Normally, an insecure person is like that because of them, not what you do. So no matter how good you are, you will never be good enough for them, and you will only end up changing your essence and personality for someone who has internal issues.

You have to stay away from those people because it is not about what you do but how they want to project their feelings.

The “play the victim mentality” people.

When a person has a victim mentality, everybody is always wrong or harming them, there is always a person or circumstance to blame, and he is always suffering from a situation.

The problem with having those types of people in our lives is that they will never take responsibility for their acts, so you will always be wrong for what you are doing.

This is one of the most tiresome types of people because you try to do as little as possible so that he doesn’t get offended or blame you for something and still finds a way to say that you are leaving him.

I had a friend who, if I got together with other people, would say that I no longer wanted to be her friend; if I didn’t see her frequently, she would say that I no longer loved her, and if I did something without saying that she no longer cared. In the end, I realized that she didn’t do the same for me, and her behavior was to fill her ego.

Chronic negative opinion givers.

Unsolicited advice has the potential to create stress, especially when the person only has negative things to say. When we have someone in our life who is constantly refuting everything that happens to us and tries to see the negative in everything, we are exposing ourselves to a constant level of unnecessary stress.

I have had to deal with negative people (even in my family) practically all my life, and as much as I have tried to make them change their way of thinking, it has not been possible.

It is not that they want to help you see another perspective of what you do or a way to help you not make a mistake; they simply want to have a different opinion from the rest and make themselves look like they are the best.

The problem with having these types of people in your life is that they will never believe in you or your potential, and you will always feel that you are not doing the right thing and have no support.

People with whom you can’t have a conversation without fighting.

I had a 10-year friendship that I loved a lot. We had been through a lot and had grown up together, and we knew practically everything about each other. However, the relationship gradually deteriorated, and although there is no doubt that we loved each other a lot, it had become very toxic.

One of the hardest decisions I have had to make for my peace of mind this year has been having to stop talking to him because part of me knows that he has done nothing wrong, but it is not possible that we can be together without fighting about anything.

No matter how much you love someone, if you can’t have a healthy relationship with that person, it’s best to distance yourself even for a while.

Manipulators who make you feel guilty about the friendship

Many people are in your life because you think you “should” have them and not because you really want to. It usually happens with family or relationships, but it can even happen with friends.

These types of people have led me to believe that I owe them friendship because “I’m the only person they can trust,” because “they once did me a big favor,” or for “the time we have been together.” However, there is no valid reason to stay where you don’t want to, and no one should make you feel that way, even if it’s your family.

Usually, those kinds of people don’t want you in their life because they love you, if not because of the control they can have over you.


You are not a rehabilitation center and nobody’s sack of relief.

You’re not going to change someone’s way of thinking by having them in your life and helping them think differently. These types of people need professional help, and the only thing you will achieve by trying to change them is to exhaust yourself mentally and waste your time.

The only person you can help if you put your mind to it is yourself. Realize who you have in your life that only brings you sadness and discomfort and really evaluate if it’s worth keeping them close to you.

You will have a better life without them because it doesn’t matter how much you appreciate them; your mental peace and the ability to be open about your feeling are worth more.

CONTRIBUTED BY Desiree Peralta

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