3 Books Everyone Should Read About Marketing & Business


3 Books Everyone Should Read About Marketing & Business

Over the past seven years of my self-improvement journey, I have read countless books on business & marketing.


Unfortunately, most of them were a waste of time.

Instead, I encourage you to give these 3 a read.

They’re well worth the time.

Book #1: $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

I first read this book a little less than a month ago. It’s a blueprint for how to create an offer people will have an extremely hard time saying no to.

And here’s why you’ll love it:

All of his advice comes from experience, zero comes from theory
It uses plain language and clear-cut examples instead of jargon
The book is designed for you to make great offers and learn how to sell them well. It’s not a book about philosophy. It tells you exactly what to do
Thanks to this $25 book, I now have $25,000,000 dollars worth of advice. And I’m not exaggerating.

Book #2: Poor Charlie’s Almanack

This book was recommended to me by Tai Lopez — a controversial yet very successful individual in the online business space.

Tai gets a lot of flack, but his self-improvement course and book recommendations literally changed my life, especially this one

Here’s why I think you’ll love it:

It teaches you how to predict the future by understanding incentives
It’s a textbook on rational decision-making, which is key for business
It teaches you how to outcompete people that are smarter than you by stacking useful mental models
Once you read Munger, you can’t claim ignorance about the way the world works anymore.

Book #3: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Finally, I think everyone should read this book. Many of you probably have, but it’s the bible when it comes to persuasion and marketing

And here’s why I think you’ll love it:

If you implement the concepts in the book, you’ll feel like you have some sort of superpower, because, once you learn how to persuade, you do.
You’ll learn how to avoid getting conned and duped by people who use their persuasion powers for evil
Human behavior will make a ton more sense to you
After reading this book, you’ll know the immensely valuable skill of how to get people to do what you want.

CONTRIBUTED BY Ayodeji Awosika

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