6 One-Minute Life Hacks You Need To Know


6 One-Minute Life Hacks You Need To Know

  1. Flip Your Burger Before Eating It. This decreases the chances of everything falling out the sides as it will press down on the loose items.
  2. Put Water In A Glass, Not A Bottle. Our mind does not like unfinished things, so by putting water in a glass you are more likely to finish it and drink more throughout the day.
  3. Get A Song Out Of Your Head By Singing The End. By the same reason as mentioned above you can easily get songs unstuck by singing the last line of the song.
  4. Take Better Breaks. Sit back in your chair and turn it around. Do not get up, do some conscious breaths and sit there for 45 seconds. That is all the time you need to get recharged.
  5. “Just One More…”. When you are at your limit at work or when exercising repeat this sentence in your head “Just one more set/rep/block of 15 minutes of work/etc.” This will put your brain in the mindset of being done soon and you will get more work done. Sometimes you can even do it more than once.
  6. Smile At Strangers. A simple smile can make someone’s entire week. Just because you smiled at them when they needed it most. This does not require any work and you do not even have to talk to them. Just smile.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek


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