6 Ways to Improve Your Life 10X in 20 Days


6 Ways to Improve Your Life 10X in 20 Days

Small steps to take that’ll make you happy and peaceful.


Change is hard, not changing is fatal.

As humans, we are hard-wired to follow the easy path. But once in a while, some people break the barrier and move away from their comfort zone. And these people create history.

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Regardless of wherever you are in life, to improve the quality of your life, here are some tips that might help you in the long run.

You can easily adopt each tip and within two weeks you’ll start seeing a significant improvement in your life.

1. Begin each day with gratitude

Thoughts become things.

If you wish to have a wonderful day, begin each day with gratitude.

Write down 10 things that you are grateful for. These can be simple things. But since you have them, you must feel grateful for them.

The exercise of writing down 10 items won’t take much time but trust me once you’re done, you’ll feel liberated, empowered, and strong.

2. Journal your thoughts

One idea can make a business.

One idea can save a life.

One idea can make you rich.

One idea can help the world.

A study suggests that humans get 6,200 thoughts a day.

Out of these thoughts, many are good ideas. But since we don’t make an effort to protect these ideas, they flush down without giving us any value.

To prevent that, you need to journal your thoughts.

Journaling your thoughts will help you store those amazing ideas. Maybe, most of these ideas are useless. But when you start analyzing those journal entries, you will realize that some of the ideas are worth trying.

If you’re a writer, I suggest journaling 10 blog ideas before breakfast.

If you’re an artist, I suggest writing down whatever you see in your surroundings.

There is no limit to journaling. You can write whatever you feel at any time of the day. It helps in emptying your mind and making room for something productive.

3. Take small bets

Everyone cannot afford to take huge bets. That’s why Peter Sims suggested making little bets.

“Two fundamental advantages of the little bets approach are highlighted in the research of Professor Saras Sarasvathy: that it enables us to focus on what we can afford to lose rather than make assumptions about how much we can expect to gain […]Seasoned entrepreneurs, she emphasizes, will tend to determine in advance what they are willing to lose, rather than calculating expected gains.”

When you start taking little bets, you’ll get the confidence to try out new things. And little bets don’t harm you. So, when you master the art of making little bets, that is when you can take the big bets.

For instance, once it was challenging to start a business. Now, with a minimum viable product, great content, and some inventory you can easily make little bets and see if your business will succeed or not.

Similarly, before going for a huge client, work with small clients and master your process. Once the process is flawless, move toward the bigger clients.

4. Forgive people fast

No one is perfect. People might mess up. But don’t let that mess up and destroy your peace.

If someone did bad to you, forgive them and move forward. Surely, it is not as easy as it sounds. But with a little practice, you can achieve it.

It is impossible to understand why people do what they do. They might be going through a challenging phase in their life which might have triggered them to respond in a certain way.

When you don’t forgive people, your soul gets uncomfortable. And till you forgive the person, you won’t find ease in life.

The best approach is to forgive people and let GOD handle the rest.

Tell the person that you forgive them and will let GOD do the justice.

Trust me, you’ll feel relaxed and peaceful after leaving things with GOD.

5. Start a side-hustle

It’s challenging to survive on one stream of income.

COVID-19 has helped us realize that all of us can take up one side-hustle other than work and earn from it.

I’ve started three actually and earning some good bucks out of it.

Take a look at these side-hustles and start your own.

6. End each day with a smile

Surely, you cannot achieve everything in a day. Some things will be left out and that’s fine. At times you might not feel like working, or you are not in the flow, and that is totally understandable.

But ensure that at the end of the day, you clear all the doubts from your mind, give a pat on your back, and forget about the day. Leave the problems of today before you go down to sleep.

You’ve tried hard. It’s the best you can do and whatever is the result, is a learning for you.


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