How To Reset Your Life.


How To Reset Your Life

Learn how to press the reset button on your life with these 4 steps


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Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.
-Richie Norton

Sometimes life can become so overwhelming, so overbearing that you just want a fresh start.

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In the past, I’m guilty of making sporadic changes because, at the time, I believed that was how I started over. Dying my hair, getting a tattoo, and getting a new piercing was my way of resetting.

These things changed my physical appearance but nothing else really changed. I later learned that it takes more than a change of appearance too seriously, and completely start over.

The true power of resetting is that you can do it at any time of your life if you know how to effectively.

Knowing how to reset your life and adjust to unforeseen plans is a key factor in building a successful life.

First and foremost, the decision to start over is all the motivation you need to take the bigger steps. With the right amount of effort, it’s possible to move your life into a new chapter.

Take these 4 vital steps that I’ve adopted to press the reset button and start your life anew.

  1. Reset your space

The key to being productive and effective is having a quiet, personal space that is clean and organized.

A clean space = A clean mind.

How could you possibly reset your life if you don’t reset (clean) your space?

I found it effective to throw out things with no other purpose but to take up space. This included outdated and outgrown clothing, old sheets, junk mail, etc. I also organized my work desk, cleaned out my car, and reorganized my kitchen cabinets.

A few other great methods I adopted that are great for decluttering and organizing your space(s) include:

Deleting unwanted photos and apps from your phone
Deleting old, useless files from your laptop
Decluttering your email
Throwing out old or unused products (hair care, skincare, etc)
Decluttering your space can improve your thinking and allow you to focus on the other things in your life you want to change. It’s important to have a space that allows you to be effective and efficient.

2. Set new goals

After you’ve cleaned your space, it’s time to set new goals. The first step to setting new goals is making a decision. Decide what you want to improve, accomplish or work toward and then write it down.

I found that writing out my goals and crossing them off, left me not only feeling satisfied but motivated.

Many people struggle to stick to their goals because they’re too hard or not achievable. New goals should be manageable and match your passions and desires. These goals are intentional which makes them much easier to accomplish.

Creating SMART goals increased my chance of completing them:

Specific. Overgeneralized goals don’t provide you with any direction. Making my goals specific allowed me to understand the end game and track my progress.
Measurable. You want to be able to measure your goals to measure the degree of your success. A good example of this would be weight loss. Being able to measure your weight allows to you see a numerical amount of how much weight you’re losing.
Attainable. Be sure the goals you’ve set are possible to accomplish. Setting a goal you can’t achieve could hinder your motivation and decrease your confidence. Also, steer clear of setting goals that are too easy. Simple goals won’t allow you to reach your full potential.
Time-bound. Set goals with deadlines! This helps you stay focused and on task. This also gives you something to look forward to celebrating after your hard work.
A good example of a SMART goal: To lose 25 pounds by November 15th, 2022. Short but SMART!

Once you’ve set your goals, make a plan and start ASAP! As an over-thinker, I sometimes spend so much time planning that I forget to do it. I use to struggle with wanting my plans to be perfect when in reality, that isn’t possible.

Don’t be afraid to take action! Make the moves needed to achieve those goals.

3. Let Go

So many things can stunt our personal growth. To move forward in life, you have to be able AND willing to let things go.

During the beginning of my journey, I made it my mission to let go of anything holding me back. This included:

Letting go of the past

  • The mistakes and events of the past are a major influence on the person you are today. And, if you’re reading this, you obviously want to improve. It will take some deep self-reflection but only then will you be able to move on.
    Letting go of people
  • If there are certain people who are stunting your growth, then you may need to remove them from your life. It’s ok to outgrow people. As we grow in life, many grow apart or many choose different ways of living. It may be difficult but it’ll better your circumstances and allow you more time for the people you love.
    Letting go can be extremely difficult because of the things we hold on to have so much impact on us. If you ever need to talk to a trained professional I recommend clicking here to find someone in your local area.

4. Embrace the Imperfect

No one is perfect and we ALL have our flaws. And even with imperfections being common, it doesn’t make dealing with them any easier.

Your perfections make up the essence of who you are.

Learning to embrace your imperfections will reward you with higher self-esteem and a greater love for yourself. Doing this takes effort and lots of work but the results, for me, we’re well worth it.

Being able to accept and embrace my fears, flaws, and insecurities gave my life more meaningful. Here are quotes and phrases that helped me embrace myself and “free my need to be perfect”.

Don’t fall prey to “compare and despair”

Accept yourself just as you are

Choose connection over perfection


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