How to Get Anything You Want In Life Using This System


How to Get Anything You Want In Life Using This System

100% fail-proof and sustainable.


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There is a concept I call the “decathlon system”.

It’s a system that will not only help you to become a high-value person but will also make you hit all of your goals.

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Now, let’s deconstruct this:

A decathlon is quite different from most other Olympic disciplines.

Instead of having to be the best sprinter, long-jumper, or weightlifter, you have to score the most points across 10 disciplines.

Not being the fastest is no problem because you can make up for it in the other disciplines.

Because everything gets added up in the end, you can excel in some disciplines and only do well in other ones and still win.

And life works in the same way. It’s a wide array of disciplines that matter in their entirety.

So, your goal should be to be great across all dimensions of analysis, and not only the best in a single one of them.

Being crazy rich but unfulfilled, lonely, and in bad shape won’t get you very far.

But being successful, in great shape, and with a high-quality social circle will total a much higher total “score”.

Your knowledge, your success, your self-mastery, your happiness, your wealth, your body and attractiveness, your fulfillment, your social skills — those are all different disciplines of life that stack on top of each other.

And the great thing is that by focusing on doing well in most of them, you don’t get diminishing returns.

Having an above-average body is something you can achieve within 2 years of hard work.

But having a top 0.01 body will require a decade of dedication.

To become one of the richest people in the world, you would have to sacrifice everything else for it.

But if you pick a smart path, develop your ability to focus, and do slightly more work than average Joe, you will build sustainable wealth within 10 years.

And the best part is this: life is a reflection of who you are as a person.

When you develop yourself across all dimensions, you’ll start hitting goals naturally.

Imagine yourself being a more healthy, attractive, charismatic, driven, financially successful, intelligent version of yourself with good habits and great mental health.

No way that you don’t crush your goals in life.

Now, in order to get to that point, you’ll have to focus on developing yourself, without expecting immediate outcomes.

When you want to get the end result quickly, you’ll make short-term decisions that won’t serve you long-term.

And unless you are impatient, there is not a single reason why you should chase goals.

When you focus on your own self-development, you’ll become a MUCH better version of yourself.

And as you develop yourself, you’ll start hitting goals naturally.

Trust me, this is more important than you might think.

When you forget about the outcomes and start planting seeds, you’ll 1000x your quality of life within the next ten years.

Begin today.


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