10 Self-Care Practices That Cost $0.


10 Self-Care Practices That Cost $0

Rejuvenate every moment with small changes.


I saw a Jay Shetty video where he said, “Healthy things feel good after and unhealthy things feel good before.”

He is so correct. It may be working out or eating healthy foods. Always, good things come after hard work.

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A month back even I started working out on our terrace in the early morning. It’s quiet. The noise of birds, wind, watching the sunrise, and the clear sky is a beautiful way of self-care. And I started doing — exercise, skipping and jogging for straight one hour by taking some breaks in between. To be frank, it’s difficult for me because I haven’t done so much work out before but I am glad I have a mentor.

My cousin’s brother is a gym rat. He always pushes me up and trains me to go beyond my limit every day. One thing I learned is it’s very important to have a mentor when you are starting something new because the motivational peak is powerful and you always go one step further.

It’s one of the best self-care practices I started doing for myself and here is the list of things that you will love to do.

1. Change your sheets once every two weeks.

You don’t realize but your sheets are filled with lots of dead skin cells. As human body sheds 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin every minute.

According to a Business Insider article:

In one survey 55% of single men between 18 and 25 reported changing their sheets only four times a year.

It means they all are sleeping in much dirt of fungus and bacteria which they never bother. So, from now on make sure to change your sheets at least once in 14 days because the fragrance of new sheets is beautiful and you will sleep peacefully.

2. Empty your mind every day.

We all have fear, insecurities, stress, and a ride of different emotions each day.

You must have noticed that when you shared your problems with your loved ones you find relief. On daily basis, verbally or in written form share your feelings. It may be talking to loved ones or God, jotting down it on paper, or talking with yourself in front of the mirror.

The important thing to remember is — write or talk the harsh emotions. I used to do the same mistake I never wrote the brutal feelings because I was in constant fear that someone would read it. But as I started sharing the tough, I felt more peace.

3. Practice the art of silence.

Silence is power.

It doesn’t have to be mediation. You just have to take out 10–15 minutes a day and go to the quietest place. Sit or lie down. Closed your eyes and feel it. Don’t think anything, just toss your mind in a neutral mode.

It’s going to be difficult but if you are consistent then great things will start happening in your life. According to Forbes, the secret of success is in quiet time.

4. Feel the earth and take off your shoes.

I walk on the grass every time I go to the park. Science says that walking barefoot in nature is good for the mind and body.

Remember your childhood when you used to walk and run on those grasses. It feels magical. Just be a kid again and enjoy the natural beauty.

Take off your shoes at — beach, park, lakes, and river and nourish your soul.

5. Smile right now — even if you are tensed.

“Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you.”

— Peace Pilgrim

Smile because the brain can’t categorize real and fake smiles. Smiling has a ripple effect and it’s a natural drug for your body.

Smiling at uncertainty will make you happy. The doctor classifies smiling as the best medicine. As 10–15 minutes of laughing burns 10 – 40 calories. It’s a free weapon that we can use to be healthy.

6. Close your eyes for 2–3 minutes and think of all the good things and beautiful places you loved.

It’s simple but yet beautiful.

Try it, there will be automatically an adorable smile on your face.

7. List your positive friends and spend time with them.

Your group of friends matters the most.

As it is often said that, we are who we spend the most time with.

If your friend circle is draining your mental energy or their goals don’t motivate you, leave that group as early as possible. And find a group where someone is way higher than you so that you can take inspiration from them.

8. Always reward yourself with two more bonus points when your energy is lowest.

Only in a healthy way.

What I do is — every morning when I run 100 rounds on my terrace. In the end, I give a healthy bonus to myself and run two more rounds. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

Your body will say ‘no’ but take that little difficult step. You will automatically see its benefits.

For example, you can apply it in various ways:

Read two more pages of your novel.
Do two more squats.
Mediate for two more minutes.
Drink two more seeps of water.
Give yourself that tiny tough bonus. A quote by Muhammad Ali to motivate you.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

9. Answer these two questions.

  1. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Think. If you haven’t done anything new then start doing things you dream of. Take that first step.

It may be posting your first YouTube video, starting a new course, traveling to a different country, or calling your crush for the first time.

Just do it.

  1. What and who lights you up?

Your heart knows what makes you happy and who makes you smile. So, go in that direction. Listen to your heart. Don’t ignore it and stop impressing people. Love yourself first.

10. Do the following things:

Give the command to your other hand now: Whatever you have in hand right now — phone or mouse just give its control to your other hand and when you brush your teeth every day start using the non-dominant hand.
Pause and drink a glass of water. Be hydrated.
Sit 90 degrees straight on your chair or stand up if you haven’t got up from your place for a while. Take one round and come back and work.
Do this one-minute eye exercise: You can do it while sitting. Put your hands over your eye socket. You will see darkness. Take few breaths. Inhale and exhale. Then lift your hand and note how you feel.
Always park your vehicle a little far away: This way your body will get the opportunity to walk more.
Don’t receive a call while you are working: If you are not in a mood to talk or busy doing work then don’t receive the call. Say, no to yourself.

11. Bonus point: Keep a vision card in your pocket.

I learned this from the book, The Power of Positive Thinking.

Your vision card can be a motivational quote or a dream you want to accomplish. As you can’t be motivated every day, you need reminders to be back on your track.

Next time when you put your hand in your pocket for your phone first take out your vision card, have a glance at it, and then use your mobile. As vision cards will help you to be focused on your dreams.

12. Bonus point: Update your password and keep yourself safe.

If you haven’t updated the password of your mail, social media platforms for a long time then update now.

It’s necessary to be safe. As there is more hacking going on nowadays. According to the survey, these are the following daunting results:

In 2023 alone, cyber criminals will steal 33 billion records.

Americans lose $15 billion annually due to identity theft.

1 in 36 mobile phones had high-risk apps in 2018.

Be cautious. It’s self-care for the future. Update now. As the world is running online, so play safe.

These are self-care practices that I do for myself. Self-care should be a combination of physical as well as emotional well-being. As you need a good mindset and a healthy body to make the best out of your life.


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