5 Simple Steps To Being Successful Sooner.


5 Simple Steps To Being Successful Sooner

We know overnight success doesn’t happen, but the process can be sped up when you’re doing these things.


For the first time in a long time, I feel I reached a point where I think I am truly successful. I’m not worth millions of dollars (yet), nor am I in shape (yet). But things are going quite well for me and there are signs of that happening early on.

Last month I earned roughly $375 from Medium and this month I’m on track to potentially doubling those earnings. This is on top of starting a variety of other projects that can establish other streams of income.

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And in the case of my health, I have been getting the help of a personal trainer at the gym who is helping me get on track too.

All in all, life is starting to look better and a lot of that can be attributed to some simple steps that I’ve taken in the past few months and before then too. These are proactive measures that you can take as well and can set yourself up for success sooner rather than later.

1. Start With Goals

Always be starting with goals. Goals provide you with the direction that you need to go in. They are necessary regardless of what others say.

However, goals are only as productive as you are and if your goals aren’t effective enough, then you’re going to be going nowhere fast. You’ll just be saying what you want to do without getting there.

All of this can be mitigated when you have a system for setting goals and it starts with what long-term goals and short-term goals are.

Your long-term goals are going to be the framework of your work.
Your short-term goals are going to be the things that’ll build you up to fill in that frame.
Keeping those two things in mind it’s easier to be setting goals and knowing how to structure them. Your big goals are the big overarching reasons for doing something. The small goals are the steps you’ll be taking to get there and making all of that possible.

For example, I’ve been publishing on Medium every day for the past month and a half now. My short-term goal is to be publishing an article every day, but my long-term goal is bigger than that. It’s getting my name out there, increasing my revenue to a certain point, things that are out of reach right now.

2. Have A Routine And Stick To It

Not every part of your life needs to be repetitive but there is something to be said about some of it being repetitive. Routines are what keep habits going and for you to keep growing and never having to worry about particular problems.

Before I started to write on Medium every day, my earnings were much smaller. It was a big issue and it was a sign that I couldn’t just write two or three times a week.

I needed to overhaul my system on how I generate ideas for articles, and when to be writing. This involved changing my current lifestyle and attitude towards my work.

Routines establish good habits and those good habits can have ripple effects over other parts of your lives. Furthermore, the more you exercise that routine, the more it’ll become part of your life.

Today, writing first thing in the morning is one of the things that I do without thinking. Just like what I was doing when I first started writing several years ago.

3. Keep An Eye On What’s Moving The Needle

This is similar to the 80/20 rule where a small portion of what you are doing is giving you the most results. When looking at that, this step is taking that rule and saying “why not do more of that 20% stuff?”

Your life doesn’t need to be fully optimized and ensure that everything you’re doing is advancing you to whatever goals you have, however it is worth noting what are the things that are making the most progress for you. This is on top of what’s eating away at your time and not offering as many results.

After all, there are some things that seem helpful but can waste your time in certain situations.

Life is all about experimenting and if you can tweak how you’re doing your progress moving activities to get more out of it or build upon it, then it’s worth giving a shot.

4. Remember To Learn From Your Mistakes

One of the big mistakes I made with Medium was the fact I was publishing less. There were periods early in the pandemic where I did nothing at all.

Like all other strategies, there is no single strategy that is absolutely flawless and you’ll never run into roadblocks or problems. My whole idea of building income streams was held back for several weeks all because I had to get a credit card for the first time in my life for example.

Not every mistake is going to end with you at rock bottom, but it will add more time to where you want to be getting to in your life.

The idea is that when you do have these hiccups, it’s important to use that time to reflect and to consider other possible avenues and what you can be doing moving forward though.

5. Keep Yourself Grounded With Support

The last step is to be looking for support and using it as an anchor. This is something that’s not talked about often as most people will focus on the individual rather than the bigger picture.

For sure, your success is yours but there are always going to be people along the way to help you. Some of these people are going to be friends and family. Others will be mentors. And in other circumstances, you may have mass support if you’re an entrepreneur.

This is important because there is such a massive disconnection these days where people become successful and yet they trash their base through lacklustre products or services, or they use exploitative tactics while still preaching about customers or employees being valuable.

Truly successful people are the people who can point to groups, their base, or specific individuals and knows to treat them well because without them they would be nothing.

Success is truly a mass elevation process rather than an individual elevation process.

How that looks in practice varies from person to person. However, the key is all about respecting those involved in bringing you to the position you are at now.

So with that in mind, I do appreciate you reading this and bringing me up to this point in my life. Thank you. I hope to deliver more articles to you in the future.


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