Why the Rich Grow Richer and Most Average People Stay Frustrated


Why the Rich Grow Richer and Most Average People Stay Frustrated

Let your mind be open


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Money doesn’t have to come to you from what you do for work. Working solely for money is the new slavery. Trading your time and life experience primarily for money is not the best way to live. You must enjoy what you do. You must love your work somehow. And the money must never be the primary for work. This is because money can come to you in so many other ways.

Most people lock their minds in one direction. When they think of more money, they automatically think of more work. The idea here is to separate work from money. If you keep thinking you cannot have money unless you do some work, you are mentally keeping yourself locked in a prison.

This simple tip of looking broader than your primary work for money is why the rich get richer. But because most average people can’t understand it and keep trying to make more money from their sweat, they stay frustrated.
Never Work for Money

Work to be fulfilled. Go work in an industry you are passionate about. Work in the direction of the change you want to create in this world. Work to be happy about your life. Your work gives your life meaning.

We all get some kind of money for the work we do. And that is good. But if something happens to the flow of money, will you continue or end it? If you truly find joy in your work, you will find a way to keep doing it even if something happens to the flow of money from it.

Taking pride in your work is a very good thing. It is healthy in every sense. So, don’t let your emotions about money get in the way. Sometimes, your work may not be directly lucrative. There is only so much you can earn as a salary. But you must be aware that money can come to you from any direction.

If you struggle with this realization, you should write it down and paste it on your mirror:

Money can come to me from any direction
The flow of money to you is not limited by your work. But if you believe that it is, then it would be.
Play the Money Game

You get rich by playing the game of the rich. It is not by working. The game of the rich is the money game. There are different levels and branches to the game.

There is the game of cash flow. There is that of assets and liabilities. The game of raising money. There is the buying and selling of businesses. There is the game of multiple sources of income. And more.

If you play the game of small money, you will gain small money. But if you play the game of big money, you will get big money. It’s that simple.

Don’t make life hard for yourself by demanding big money from a small money game. You’ll be frustrated. Instead, challenge yourself and go big. Work to be fulfilled, and play the money game that fits your financial goals.

You may not see how it is going to be possible for you initially. But you have to accept in your mind that it is possible first. Believe in the possibility and you will find the way.
Stop Limiting the Flow of Money to You

If you believe you have to work to get money, you will start hating the work. It’s no surprise most people hate their jobs. They believe that is where they are supposed to make money. And when the money doesn’t come from there, they react negatively.

Salary, however large it is, keeps people from growing rich. You don’t get wealthy by salary. You don’t get wealthy by wages. You get wealthy by owning assets. And not just what anybody calls an asset. You must understand the asset you own and be able to unlock its potential.

Open your mind. There are so many opportunities and options to make money. Don’t be narrow-minded. You can have multiple sources of income. Money can also come to you in funny ways.

You can get a grant. You may receive a gift. Someone who owes you money (that you have forgotten about) may send it to you. Someone might want to buy the rights to something you created or made. You can receive a contract offer for something you can do in 2 weekends. You may get a speaking engagement. You may be offered an advance to write a book on a certain subject because of your experience.

These things won’t happen unless you open your mind to them. You have to believe it can happen. You have to expect them to happen.

When money comes to you in an unorthodox way, are you surprised? If you are, then it means you do not believe. You should expect things to show up in your life like this.

You have to think broadly of your value and contribution. Just because it doesn’t make sense to pay from your perspective, doesn’t mean it is that way for others.

Don’t set low expectations. Also, don’t set outrageously high expectations. Instead, set fun expectations.
Celebrate the Anomalies

When money comes to you outside the usual channels, celebrate it. Talk about it. Share the fun story. The more fun you have, the more those situations repeat themselves.

Celebrate the opportunities that come to you. Doesn’t matter if you said yes or no. What matters is that something came around. If you want them to keep coming, celebrate what you got.

I’ll use myself as an example. I have been offered a position to lead a crypto project. I have been offered a significant book advance for a book project. I have gotten numerous opportunities to be in several online publications. I have had opportunities to advise celebrities. I get the opportunity to coach some of the best people in business around the world. I celebrate that and look forward to more of it.

Recently, I got an opportunity to speak to young people in high schools about money. Maybe the next I’ll get is a church conference. You’ve got to celebrate what you’ve got.

People around you may think you are bragging. But if you hide all the good stuff happening to you, they get lesser and lesser. People love success stories.

There are many ways to have money come to you than your primary work, job, or business. Don’t work for money, instead play the money game. Set fun expectations. And celebrate the weird ways money and opportunities show up to you (regardless of whether you accept them or not).

This is how to join the rich celebrities getting richer and leave the group of those who are frustrated about money.



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