6 Things You Should NOT Chase in Your Life


6 Things You Should NOT Chase in Your Life

These are the life hacks for the life you always dream of.


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It may be in human nature, something we have inherited from our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but the desire to chase things in life is strong. However, if we make bad choices about what to chase, failure can cause us resentment and sadness.

This is why you should think carefully before trying to pursue a specific goal in life. A wrong wish may not bring you closer to what you really want.

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To ensure that you avoid such wasteful shipments, we have compiled a list of some of the most common ones. Here are 6 things you should NOT chase in your life.

1. Money

Let’s not pretend that money does not play an important role in the daily lives of ordinary people — because they do. However, there is often too much focus on accumulating more and more money. We are constantly striving to gain more wealth because we believe it will solve all our problems. The truth is that once you exceed a certain level of income or money in the bank, the benefit you feel from every extra euro is minimal.

2. Perfection

Also a topic we have mentioned many times: Perfectionism. For some, the desire to be the best at something is what drives them. They want to become the best in a particular skill or art. While this may seem like a good thing, it can lead to. Torment and despair if you fail to reach the top. When perfectionism stops at a skill, it can sabotage you. It is much better to look for improvement within practical limits. Make realistic plans for what you can achieve.

3. Youth

The arrow of time points. Forward from birth to death. As gloomy as that is, it is the truth. So, with each passing day, month and year, you should not crave what came before. Trying to cling to the fading past is a pointless practice. Enjoy the memories in every way, but accept your aging as inevitable. You can be young at heart and young at heart, but know that you will not always be young at the body. And it is OK.

4. Do you want to become famous?

Maybe you want others to know… your name. But that alone will not help you in your life. It probably won’t make you more successful at your job or happy. On the contrary, fame often booms over those who conquer it, with personal problems — not uncommon among celebrities.

5. Accept

Interpersonal interactions and relationships play a huge role in evaluating our lives. We long for people to like us and approve of the choices we make, but that can lead us down a dark path. Having a constant need for approval puts your happiness in the hands of other people. So your mood suffers. Never rely on the approval and support of others. This is your life, so live it the way you want.

6. Material goods

Consumerism is pervasive in most of the population, yet few people wonder if the things they buy bring them anything but a momentary pleasure. Too often we surround ourselves with material goods that do nothing to enhance the pleasure in our lives. If you want to move better, it is much more useful to spend money on experiences that you will have left.


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