5 Best Life Hacks That Will Make You Happier In The Present.


5 Best Life Hacks That Will Make You Happier In The Present.

I used to be preoccupied with getting my hands on what I wanted, but I was never satisfied. Because I didn’t take the time to appreciate what I had today, I can’t handle it. That is what I learned about expecting the present rather than anticipating what the future may hold because I am now living inside it.


1. There are still no “what-ifs” in this situation:

Everything happens for a purpose, in my opinion. “What if I did this instead of that?” concentrates on your current situation. “What-ifs” are representations of things we’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to doing. Start now if you don’t want to be haunted by what you could have done. Otherwise, don’t worry about the things you want while they’re already in front of you. The present usually make our current actions and, decisions must shape the future. You will never be satisfied because you will always be on the lookout for more things rather than taking the time to appreciate what you already have, which is what makes life so much more valuable.

2. Trying to make the best of every scenario:

Take action if you come across a situation that is less than perfect. I discovered that hoping for something does not make it happen. Despite my lack of experience, I intended to pursue an internship throughout college. Instead of waiting for the chance to come to me, I went out and found it utilizing the tools I had at the time. It took the form of filling out applications on corporate websites, contacting my professors, and using the school’s career tools. Although my job search conditions were less than ideal, I was able to make the most of it by utilizing available resources and having a positive (or learning) perspective, knowing that if things didn’t work out in a week year, I might be ready. Positive emotions, according to research, help people acquire abilities and resources that they may utilize later in life. Positive emotions extend your sense of possibilities and open your mind, allowing you to obtain new skills and resources that might be useful in other areas of your life. The “expand and develop” concept is what it’s called.

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3. Griping isn’t going to help you go anyplace:

Negative emotions restrict your brain from perceiving all of the alternative possibilities and options available to you. I discovered that whining made me want to accomplish nothing and was the main deterrent to pushing forward. Our emotions affect the people around us. Positive emotions aid in the development of individuals. Negative emotions suffocate emotional growth. I used to be quite critical of the present. I used to de-stress by talking about other people or how my life wasn’t as good as other people’s. It didn’t help that the people around me, my friends and family, were continually complaining. It made me feel anxious, uneasy, and as if the things I wanted to achieve were in vain. Ultimately, I discovered that moaning kept me from appreciating the moment or taking action to fix something that wasn’t working for me. All I had to do was cultivate a better mentality to accomplish, learn, progress, and repeat. It means I need to start taking steps to go where I want to go.

4. Study as much as you can give the situation:

Rather than start resentful about a situation I can’t change, I strive to discover methods to make a difference. A summary of advantages and downsides, an analysis of what went well and what went wrong, may be included. Whether it’s being turned down for a job or splitting up with a significant other, I prefer to think that everything happens for a reason. Since that these conversations aren’t always pleasant. They force us to consider the aspects of ourselves that we may improve. I just ended a six-month relationship with someone I had been dating. It was devastating at first, but it taught me a lot about myself: I’m too emotionally dependent on other people, to the point where I don’t prioritize my own needs. Now I’m attempting to reclaim control of my own time, which I haven’t had in a long time because I used to spend all of my time with other people.

5. A final thought:

We can’t always control what happens, especially when things are out of control, but life is about going with the flow. I learned to let things flow naturally rather than preconceived expectations about what would happen afterward. Rather than grumbling about how things could be better, we may make more progress by appreciating what we have today, assessing the good and bad aspects of the situation, and taking action. We may avoid being emotionally irrational by using this approach and instead focus on a circumstance that can be improved and learned. Every moment has a purpose, and it is up to us to maximize it, understand why it is occurring, and work around this one. Complaining, if not accompanied by a call to action, wastes energy, prevents us from seeing the full view of the project, and, for the most part, does not help people feel better.

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