20 Simple Things I Stole from Happy People.


20 Simple Things I Stole from Happy People

Because life is too short not to be happy.


Life is complicated and we make it even more so with our choices, decisions we make, and our actions at times. Everyone does things that are not worth it in life or at least in the long run. I’ll share with you my top 20 things I find not worth doing:

Overthinking — There is a saying, “Worry will never change the outcome.” We are all big fans when it comes to thinking. We are so caught up with the “WHAT IF” part that we hardly take any chances. Opportunities do not know your door many times, when there is an opportunity, do not think too much, be decisive and take action.
Unhealthy Eating — Food is supposed to make your body work properly. There’s nothing wrong with eating a slice of pizza sometimes, but remember that it’s just a treat, not food. If you eat your food as medicine, you won’t have to eat medicine as your food.

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Holding grudges — Sometimes it’s better to lose the argument than to lose the person. It is your ego and pride that prevents you from admitting that you were wrong and it is the same ego and pride that does not allow you to talk to the person who wronged you.

Thinking about the past — We all have a past that we cannot forget. It can be an incident or a story. Your past is behind you, what cannot be changed, what can be written is the future. You can choose to become someone new, different from who you were yesterday.

Fear of change — Some people get so used to the daily habits that they fear change. These days, people are not afraid for their lives, but they should be afraid of being trapped in the past ways.
Living someone else’s life — What makes us happy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s the way it should be.

False Behavior — Pretending to be someone you are not, and acting differently than you would like to act is just deepening yourself into the whole that you already are.

Jobs That Make You Unhappy — There is a saying that goes, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Spending too much time on social media — Unless you’re doing something productive.

Arguing — Nowadays people don’t listen to understand, they listen to respond. When two people talk at the same time, there can never be any conclusion.

Trying to impress — This is similar to acting fake just to impress someone. How long do you think one can continue to be absorbed by such an effort?

Taking Shortcuts — Sometimes we think we can take more than one step at a time to achieve success, but we will soon realize that it is a waste of time in the long run.

Worrying about things that are out of your control — If you can do something to change it, do it. If not, worrying or stressing about it won’t change it either.

Comparing yourself to others — It is a good idea to always improvise on the things you feel you lack, but comparing yourself to others will not make you feel good, it will even make it worse. The only thing you should aim for is to be a better version of yourself.

Trying to be perfect: While it’s hard to be perfect at everything, sometimes achieving it is better than perfect.

Giving Excuses — Focus on “How can we do this?” Instead of saying “We can’t do this.”

Being Jealous — Jealousy gets you nowhere, so stop being jealous of what PEOPLE are doing.
Bragging — just spending more money to show people how great you are is only driving you deeper into debt. Not only look good on social media but have a happy real life.

Spending time with people who bring you down — Everyone will have people around them who will try to bring them down or spread negative vibes. It is better to keep some distance from them.

Arguing about someone’s religion or politics — We live in a world with so much religion and everyone believes in their own religion. Arguing with someone about which religion is better is not a good idea.

Eliminating these activities from our lives is not easy at all. They are decisions contrary to what our human nature has accustomed us to. Eradicating them will be necessary for a happy life.


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