How to Get What You Want In Life.


How to Get What You Want In Life

The only strategy that works 100% of the time.


A few years ago I stumbled across a concept that really resonated with me:

“Designing your life.”

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I’m a big advocate for being intentional and self-responsible, and I believe that life is the reflection of your identity and actions.

So as a consequence, it’s clear to me that you can design your life through conscious effort.

When you observe facets of people’s lives that inspire you, ask yourself this:

“How is this person attracting these circumstances naturally?”

See, most people who have great lives seem to attract a lot of positive things naturally.

A fool might think that those people are just lucky or gifted.

But that’s not true, at all.

People who have good things happen to them consistently have set themselves up for success.

They have developed their identity in a way that facilitates their lifestyle.

But you often only see the spectacular event:

A musician “blows up overnight” and becomes incredibly successful and wealthy.

An author publishes his book which lands on the NYT bestseller list.

An entrepreneur sells his company for millions.

What you don’t see is that those events are the result of simple processes that have been repeated over and over again, for years.

Building the life you want to live is not an event, but a series of processes that don’t seem to bear fruit for years.

To design the life you want to live, you’ll have to move from end result to process.

Who will you have to become to make your goals happen naturally?

And what will you have to do, daily, to become that person?

When you become the person you want to be, you’ll notice that good things will start unfolding for you.

By putting in the work, you are generating so many lottery tickets that you will win in life over and over again.

Instead of chasing what you want, you’ll have upgraded yourself so that what you want chases you.


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