3 Simple, Yet Powerful Habits That Attract Money


3 Simple, Yet Powerful Habits That Attract Money

Become a money magnet today.


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Do you find yourself working hard, sacrificing your time and energy, only to end up with the same amount of money you had two years ago?

I have struggled with the same scenario for a couple of years, sabotaging my financial stability through assumptions I have made around money.

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Through tiny yet consistent habits, I have shifted my money mindset. Consistency and self-awareness always lead to success.

I went from fear about running out of money to daily satisfaction with my financial stability. I went from overthinking to enjoying spending money.

Everyone can make the leap from scarcity to abundance. The flow of money depends upon your thinking about it. Since you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your financial state as well.

Powerful beliefs about money attract prosperity into your life. But there are also powerful actions you can take daily to reinforce your money mindset.

1. Keep a $100 bill in your wallet or pocket.

Do not spend it physically. Spend it mentally.

When you go about your day, enumerate things you can buy with it.

When you pass a coffee shop, observe: “I can stop here and have coffee and lunch”. Next time you walk over a makeup counter, think to yourself: “I can buy that lipstick for my 100 dollar bill”.

Don’t focus on the number of things you can buy for $100 total, but spend the bill on one thing. Then again, mentally, spend the same bill on another purchase.

This mental game sets your mind to abundance. Instead of thinking about opportunities outside your reach, focus on the stuff you can enjoy.

When you feel abundant, you start treating money naturally. You allow them to flow freely.

You want to normalize having money around.

When you have enough money, you don’t think about desperately getting more of it. Money is natural. You think from the place of already feeling rich.

When you have money at hand, it makes you feel more confident. And confidence promotes abundance.

2. Spend with gratitude.

Money likes being appreciated. Money is energy that enjoys movement. That is why you should spend it with a grateful heart.

Whenever I spend money, I think to myself: Whatever I spend comes back to me in double amount. The mantra reminds me that there is always enough, and I don’t have to stress about lack, because in my mind there is none.

There is enormous power in the words you say to yourself. Your subconscious mind always listens.

Money doesn’t dwell in fear. Sharing is the opposite of fearing losing money.

Tip people well. When you show gratitude for the good service, you send a signal to your subconscious mind that you have enough. It also anchors you in the belief that you deserve the good stuff in your life.

The point is to adjust your thinking from scarcity to abundance. When you give, you reinforce the belief that there is enough to go around.

Share money, donate it and expect it to flow abundantly. You create the limits of a prosperous life.

If you don’t cling to money, you are treating it as a natural commodity in your life. The more you give, the more you get in return. It is a universal rule that always works.

A grateful and generous heart attracts abundance.

3. Keep it neat.

Money doesn’t dwell in filth.

Clean your house. Take care of the space you are living in and paying bills for.

Clean out your closet. If you pile up things you don’t even wear, you show disrespect to the items you have purchased. Nothing new will enter your life if you don’t appreciate what you already have.

It is not about worshipping material stuff. It is about valuing your space and the money you spend.

You should always keep your area tidy to make more room for opportunities and abundance.

Apply the same to your mental space. Keep it simple. Cut out distractions. Don’t burden your mind with unnecessary content and thoughts.

Carve out time in your day to meditate. Appreciate the present moment. Observe your thoughts. Give up the habit of worrying and overthinking. Replace it with gratitude.

If you are distressed or unsatisfied with your life, your financial state will reflect that. Your money will be a mess. Money is a reflection of you.

Clarity promotes abundance.

CONTRIBUTED BY Katarzyna Portka

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