How to Eliminate Almost All of the Problems in Your Life


How to Eliminate Almost All of the Problems in Your Life

6 steps to taking control.


The bad news? Ya got problems. And probably lots of them.

The good news? You can eliminate almost all of them. They’re within your control.

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When I started my “success journey”, so to speak, I had a big revelation.

I needed to build the Foundation first. You can’t build anything of significance on a shaky or weak base.

The biggest shocker during this foundation building process? My problems started getting trivial. The big ones were gone.

1. Stop settling.

Too many people accept the bare minimum.

From themselves. From others. From life.

Demand quality. It starts with you. How dare you demand better when you haven’t become better yet.

Start building the foundation of self-improvement today. Great books (and articles!) can help here.

2. Workout regularly.

Moving is so good for the body and mind. You’re literally made to move. Humans used to move miles per day, every day.

And it helps you sleep. Getting quality sleep is the key to good health.

Create a workout routine you actually enjoy. Mix it up. Most important? Move consistently.

3. Stick to your purpose and your plan.

You’ve figured out your purpose right? What you’re good at plus what you enjoy doing.

So now you create a plan around it.

For me, it’s writing things that are simple and useful for others to use.

My plan? Publish useful shit every single day.

It’s a simple plan. So it’s not hard to execute.

4. Live below your means.

Too many people spend as much as they make. Or, gasp, more than they make.

I know. Wages are low and cost of living is high. This isn’t likely to change and it’s still no excuse.

I know too many people who are making average money but still live below their means for me to buy the excuses. Excuses cost too much.

Make more. Get a roommate. Live with your parents. Do whatever you have to until you can do better.

5. Keep a small, beautiful circle of friends.

Socialization is powerful. Necessary, even. But not all socializing is created equal.

It’s easy to fill your time with people who don’t serve you well.

Friends who drink too much. Friends who gossip too much. Friends who don’t really care about you.

Don’t set yourself up like that. Be very selective about who you allow into your inner circle. Make sure they bring out the best in you.

6. Build multiple money streams.

Instead of constantly contracting your life, expand it.

Find ways to build money streams using a skill you have.

Example: I like to write. A lot. I make money here on Medium. And I make money writing copy for others. And I make money writing quality emails.

I use the money I make writing to buy assets (stocks, crypto, real estate, etc.) that also pay me. I reinvest that money into additional assets.

It’s a virtuous money circle.


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