Five Things Disciplined People Do.


Five Things Disciplined People Do

What we do NOT do is as important as what we do.


You may look at someone more disciplined than you and wonder what he is doing right. In all likelihood, it’s nothing particularly important. However, one thing is for sure — they do not waste their time on trivial things.

If you want to move in this direction, here are 5 things that disciplined people do not waste their time. And you can “copy” these habits.

  1. They are not trying to be perfect.

When you focus too much on making things perfect, you will prevent things from being as good as they could be. Those who are obsessed with perfection usually end up being left behind. Or not to even start an effort, expecting to have the “perfect” data in their hands. Disciplined people know this and mitigate the impulses they may have to make things perfect. Instead, they begin to do the job and aim to do a good job. Progress is more important.

  1. They are not carried away by their emotions.

Disciplined people know how badly they can hurt their feelings, themselves, and the people around them, if they blindly follow their hearts. While it may sound ugly to someone who likes to spontaneously express their feelings, disciplined people keep their feelings more collected. They do not say anything to a person, simply because it came to their mind at the given moment, because they may end up saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, at the wrong time.

  1. They are not consumed in unnecessary drama and gossip.

Disciplined people know that these things are a waste of time. They have done the math. For example, you may hear gossip for an hour a day. That is 365 hours a year! Imagine spending this time reading books or even relaxing. The point of gossip and drama is that they add nothing to your life. And what is dangerous is that they are addictive. They will become a habit if you do not stop doing these “harmless” things.

  1. They do not leave their goals undefined.

Disciplined people do not let the days go by without a clear goal for which they will strive. They try to set clear, realistic goals that they can work on. They also make sure they have a plan that they hope to follow. You may say to yourself that you want to paint the sunset sometime in the future, but if you do not set a deadline, you may just end up thinking about it… until you are too old to actually hold a brush.

  1. Do not wait for inspiration to come by itself.

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. “Not now, I have no inspiration” is a common excuse. Disciplined people do not do that. They know that waiting for it to come, they are just wasting their time. If inspiration does not already exist, then they are trying to find other ways to move forward. If, say, they want to cook dinner for some guests, they are not going to stare at the cupboard, shrug their shoulders and watch their favorite Netflix shows until the ideas come up. Instead, they will turn to cook shows and read cookbooks — and then go into the kitchen.


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