5 Tips to Be Happy every day


5 Tips to Be Happy every day

Small pleasures that you can put in your routine. And to become happier.


Whatever your other plans and aspirations, one of your goals should be: To be happier. The 2020 and 2021 pandemic years were tough and just when things were starting to look better, the Omicron variant seemed to be interrupting our plans for vacations and fun. What about 2022, though?

Your own happiness should be high on your list. How do you become happier? There are many, many answers to this question. For a start, see what we all need to do in such cases: To change our daily life and our daily routines. Obviously, every day, most of us do things because we have to. We brush our teeth to avoid tooth decay. We do our jobs to get paid. We clean the house at least a little, prepare or buy meals, and so on.

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Along with all these obligations, we must put in the program activities that we do for pleasure, things that make us happy just by doing them, small joys that may in themselves be insignificant, but overall can set our mood, to help us function better, and ultimately make us happier.

So here are 5 small pleasures that you should put in your program.

1 | Get out.

The climate in Greece helps you in this, anyway. If you can spend some time outdoors every day, try to do it. Going out, whether you are walking, running, cycling, or just sitting on your own terrace, is a little fun for most people. This can be true even if you only do it for a few minutes before you go back inside. Remember the article: Great ideas come when you walk: The simple tactics of Steve Jobs and Aristotle.

2 | Talk to a friend.

It’s one of the best methods out there to make you feel better. So, even if you live alone or are so busy that you and others in your home can barely see each other, make sure you communicate with someone you love, at least once a day. It could be via text or phone or video call or some other method. It does not need to be in physical presence. But the more you can make a real connection, the more joy you can feel.

3 | Read a book.

Reading is part of the daily routine of the most successful people. Choose something that you will enjoy reading. The kind of book you look forward to diving into. It could be a mystery novel, a romance, a science fiction, or a self-improvement book. Whatever it is, make sure it brings you joy, and if not, give yourself permission to put it aside and choose a different book.

4 | Laugh. Laughter does well.

So, every day, try to find something that will at least make you laugh. If you do not know anything, ask your friends to send you funny videos on YouTube or tell you a joke. It can lift your spirits in a very short time.

5 | Spend time doing nothing.

We all live extremely busy, over-planned lives. But more and more, research is telling us that there are great benefits to being less busy and spending a little more time doing nothing, or at least nothing more than looking out the window. According to Harvard research, doing nothing κάνει makes you more productive then. Doing nothing may often be socially and professionally unacceptable, but it’s the key. “From a responsible professional, especially in times of financial crisis, everyone expects more work, greater results, lucrative goals, new ideas,” writes Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, professor of business strategy and policy. “But without recharging the inner energy no one can create the conditions that will allow things to go one step further,” writes de Vries. It is sometimes helpful to do nothing. This will “clear” your mind, and give it time to explore new ideas as well.


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