10 Things That Aren’t Worth It In Life


10 Things That Aren’t Worth It In Life

You’re wasting your time if you are striving for the following in your own life.


As human beings, we are driven by the goals and aspirations that we want for ourselves. Some of these things are healthy — like being healthier, energized, being in a great relationship, travelling the world, etc. However, there are people that go to the extreme end.

Sure they sound convincing at the moment and when talking about it. But after a while reality sinks in and it’s telling you this isn’t worth it at all. And depending on how long you refuse to ignore it, it could end up causing more damage to you in the long run.

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  1. Pursuing Excessive Positivity

Russia is invading Ukraine. The planet is warming up and we’re causing it. People are hoarding resources like it’s going to be the end of the world.

The world is a pretty grim place right now, but there are many — especially in the self-improvement world — who choose to think happy thoughts about the whole situation.

While I am an optimist myself — and there is nothing wrong with being hopeful and positive — it’s important to not go overboard. It’s important to take that optimism and use it just enough to get through the day and know that things will get better.

It’s that before that can happen, big changes have to happen first.

Pursuing positivity all day every day is a terrible idea. And just because you are happy, doesn’t always mean it’s a good thing. Time and time again, humanity has reminded us that negativity is also helpful for us too.

  1. Staying In Draining Relationships For Reasons

For friends or for a partner, being around these people for any reason isn’t worth it. Any form of human connection we make with people isn’t designed to suck.

  1. Spending Money You Don’t Have

You’ve probably heard the quote already so I won’t repeat it. Nevertheless, it’s a waste of time. Who are you going to impress? No one. And now you’re in massive debt.

Learn some delayed gratification.

  1. Being On Social Media

10–15 minutes per day.

That is how much time I spend on social media. It could be less if it wasn’t for me scrolling through to find some memes.

Life is meant to be an experience and it doesn’t seem worth it to spend hours scrolling through endless feeds or find out what’s happening on TikTok.

  1. Trying To Impress People

Refer back to #3. Be humbler about your accomplishments. If you want to impress anyone at all, work to impress yourself.

  1. Forcing Things To Work Out

There is a difference between being in a rut and being completely stonewalled.

Being in a rut means you still have options, you can bounce back and you have some rational ground to continue pursuing something.

Being stonewalled is when you’re in an environment that is causing you incredible pain — physically or mentally — and you’re still trying to make it work.

A relationship that’s draining you or where you’re constantly arguing isn’t worth it. A career that is dragging you to the brink of depression or suicidal thoughts isn’t worth it.

Make some changes.

  1. Reading Too Much

I’ve been trying to keep these articles brief for this reason. Reading is helpful for people and there is nothing wrong with picking up a book and reading through it.

But books transport us to another world and life is all about reality.

Don’t get lost in your books or you’ll miss out on reality.

  1. Being Hyper Productive

Or doing more for the sake of doing more. Work at your own pace. You don’t need to be hyper-productive and follow every single lifehack or productivity tip out there.

I’ve already talked about how productivity articles and the tips therein are a waste of time and undermine what productivity is all about.

Unless you are doing absolutely nothing of importance with your life right now, most productivity articles aren’t worth it.

  1. Having Too Many Goals

Goals are good. They are what drive us forward on a long-term basis and in our daily lives. However, too much of it can make you get lost.

I remember years ago someone said to-do lists don’t work because their friend put together a to-do list for almost every decision that they took. I don’t know if that individual was doing this for literally everything, but that is a huge waste of time.

It’s important to be moving forward and have a direction, but when you have too many directions to go in, you have no real options.

  1. Becoming Obsessed With Self-Improvement

I love self-improvement and I enjoy writing about it and amercing myself in the industry. But there is a boundary to this appreciation for it.

On top of the fact that people have used it to enrich themselves and manipulate their base to keep buying courses, books, and their speaking events where they gain positive energy and nothing constructive, the reality of self-improvement is that it’s all about them (if they’re exploiting you) or about you (if the person is a decent person and wants to help).

As much as I want self-improvement to be enriching for everyone involved, it doesn’t mesh well with what life is all about. Life is about making connections with other people. It’s about doing something that’s larger than who you are right now.

By all means, continue to be growing and improving yourself, but work in tandem with the connections that you’ve made with people.


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