Read This Before You Try to Be Rich


Read This Before You Try to Be Rich

8 Lessons before the Rich Life.

  1. Being Rich has No Limits, So Put One.

You have to define what being rich means to you. You have to understand the reasoning why you want it. You have to know what your limit is. Know what it takes before you can say, “I’m finally rich.”

If you don’t have a limit, it will never be enough.

If you don’t have a goal, you will never be rich.

It will always feel like there’s something more out there.

Something for you to have, to grab, and to earn.

You are racing a race without a finish line.

You won’t come in last, but you will never be first also.

  1. Own your Definition of Rich.

Decide what being rich means to you and who are the people you want to enjoy it with.

Be careful about adopting a dream that is not yours.

Being rich is not about their definitions; it’s about yours.

Don’t change and be miserable just to fit their standards.

  1. Rich is a Feeling, Not Just a Number.

The best way to define your rich life is to see what feels best.

Before chasing a number, see first if that number actually makes you feel rich.

You can have a million dollars and still feel poor.

You can have a thousand dollars and feel rich.

It’s all about what you need to feel rich.

Most of the time, the number we think we need is often way less than we actually need.

  1. Rich People are Rich. Evil People are Evil.

There’s a belief that rich people are automatically evil. Some people claim that they hate the rich but would love to be one themselves.

Anyone who tells you that all rich people are fundamentally evil will likely hate you as well if you become one.

Good people don’t need money to be Good.

Evil people don’t need money to be Evil.

  1. Be Rich Before You are Rich.

See now that you can be rich without money.

See that “money-rich” is just a type of rich.

There are many types of rich, whether through health, relationships, or peace.

You have to see those other types of rich and enjoy them on your journey to becoming money-rich.

You can be rich before the money comes.

  1. Don’t Fake Money-Rich.

Don’t try to look money-rich. Instead, become one.

Drop “Fake it till you make it.”

“Do, until you make it,” is better.

Your lifestyle should match your outcome, not your income.

If your goal is to retire early, spend less on things that don’t serve that purpose.

  1. Develop your Character.

Doing something for free is expensive, but helping is priceless.

Know the difference between can and won’t.

If you can give before you are money-rich, imagine if you are.

The general rule is to spend less and earn more.

A personal rule is to want less and to care more.

  1. Luck Is Not Enough.

You have to learn how to become money-rich and stay one.

Luck is needed to become rich, but you still have to learn.

You can become rich fast, but you can’t learn quickly.

Learning takes years, and it involves a solid foundation of the right things.

So do not wait. As a Chinese proverb would say,

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
That is all for now…

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Summary for Busy People

  1. Being Rich has No Limits, So Put One.
  2. Own your Definition of Rich.
  3. Rich is a Feeling, Not Just a Number.
  4. Rich People are Rich. Evil People are Evil.
  5. Be Rich Before You are Rich.
  6. Don’t Fake Money-Rich.
  7. Develop your Character.
  8. Luck Is Not Enough.


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