5 Things you Should not Postpone in your Life


5 Things you Should not Postpone in your Life

We often get carried away in our lives, and fill it with procrastination. We want to do some things, but for various reasons we are moving them further and further back in time. Either in our professional or personal life. And often “later” means “never”.


This way you do not get closer to your big goals, nor do you become happy in your life. Let’s take a look at some of the things that many people deny to themselves . Through constant postponements. Do not enter this path.

1 # To see honestly your own needs

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While stress and depression are caused by chemical imbalances, many people also experience these issues because they feel compelled to live in ways they do not want to. Maintaining this kind of “disguise” is emotionally exhausting and ultimately harmful. People know what their needs are and how awful it is not to have those needs met. The problem is that many are afraid to be honest about their deep needs because they are afraid of losing what they have. But, in the end, almost everyone reaches a point where they can no longer bear to live a “life they do not want”. And then a strange thing tends to happen: They thrive. Being true to yourself gives you the opportunity to evolve into the person you have the potential to become.

2 # Space for psychological uplift

Most people try to be “active”, positive and extroverted literally all the time. A person who returns to work a few days after the divorce or death of a close family member is praised for his or her devotion. Some people think that chasing away strong negative emotions is a huge sign of their strong character. But most of the time, it just means that they have put all their difficult feelings in a box and crammed it into a dark closet to solve it later. The most important thing we can give ourselves during this period is the space to process everything we experience, so that we can heal our soul. An injury or a large cut on the hand must be taken care of to heal, correctly; It is also vital that you allow yourself time to heal from emotional and psychological wounds, as you would for physical ones.

3 # Fun (even stupid)

Many of us deny experiences that would make us happy and inspire us because we think they are stupid or immature. We tend to associate play with childhood, but play is incredibly important for adults as well. When we play, we focus on the moment and usually have a lot of fun doing it. When throwing a frisbee on the beach with your friends or playing a hilarious card game or board game, do you worry about work? Consider the words shared by the great George Bernard Shaw: We do not stop playing because we are getting older. We grow old because we stop playing . The game relieves stress and boosts endorphins. These happy hormones can reduce mental pain, help us heal, and help us appreciate life a little more. Allow yourself to do “ridiculous” things that make you happy.

4 # An opportunity to chase your passion

Most opportunities. Growing up, how many people would say that if they could go back in time and do things differently, they would. One of the most common things people would choose to change is their career. The key is to make sure you spend at least part of your time pursuing something you are passionate about. If you have more than one passion, this is great! Just set a top priority and figure out how much time you need to spend on each thing. You can then schedule time for all of these accordingly.

5 # Time with loved ones

In our chaotic daily life, we often end up not spending as much time as we should with our loved ones. We believe that there will be time for this… later. The reality is different, and sometimes there is not as much time as we think. For a variety of reasons, a person may cease to be in our lives. So make sure you spend as much time as you can with the people you want. And do not leave it for later, because now you have “other jobs”.


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