Trivial knowledge that might save your life one day.


What trivial knowledge might save your life one day?

#1. Removing objects from stab wounds will increase the blood loss and thus it will increase the chance of that person dying. Leave that object be. Don’t try to remove it.


#2. CO poisoning: Never sleep in a confined place (place without ventilation) with the heating systems, stove, or anything that uses combustion fumes emits Carbon Monoxide which is poisonous and can kill you.

#3.Never walk on the stairs with your hands in your pockets.

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#4.While driving on the road or crossing the street, focus. Don’t try to multitask. Using phones during those times can be fatal.

#5.Trust your guts. It’s the body’s 1st line defence. Period.

#6. If you are being tied, clench your muscles in your arms and abdomen …inhaling all the air so that later when you are normal, you can wiggle out easily.

#6. If you have no option, but to fight with a dagger or knife then remember that slashing causes more damage than stabbing.

#7.If you think you’re being followed, turn right four times. Since you’ll get to the same place, they shouldn’t be following you anymore.

#8. While giving CPR, it’s not just breathing in and out of the victim’s mouth. You have to perform 30 chest beats and then 2 rescue breaths and then repeat.

#9. Despite what we have seen on TV, sucking out venom from a bite might be a bad idea. It can be dangerous as it can help the venom spread and damage the skin around the bite.

Contributed by Himanshu Jha.

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