8 (Easy) Habits of Highly Productive People


8 (Easy) Habits of Highly Productive People

Actionable advice for all.


Habit 1: Remove the junk.

Focus on what matters.

Remove the nonsense.

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I’ll use health as an example. Focus on compound lifts 3x/week, walking at least 8k steps, getting 7+ hours of sleep and eating at least 5 servings of veggies/fruit per day.

Don’t worry about which supplements you take. Or creating complicated workout plans. Or meal plans that require you to cook 2 hours a day.

Habit 2: Practice 80/20.

That whole 80/20 thing is pretty universal. Find the 20% of your work that produces 80% of your results. It may even be 70/30 or even 90/10, but find it.

My 20% is hitting my numbers at my 9–5 every week. Publishing every day. And eating dinner with my family.

Habit 3: Take useful breaks.

These aren’t just random “check my social media real quick” breaks. These are planned breaks.

Where you do stuff like take a walk or a power nap or meditate.

Roughly every hour I take a break like this.

Habit 4: Remove all distractions.

Whether it’s social media, or noise, or your TV.

If a distraction is there, you’ll turn to it. It’s human nature.

It’s the same concept when you’re trying to eat healthy and your trainer tells you to stop buying Oreos. If they’re not there, you won’t eat them.

Create environments that set you up for success.

Habit 5: Set a deadline.

This helps focus on what actually needs doing. You need to know when you’re finishing each part.

If you give yourself all day, it’ll take you all day.

My daily schedule allots certain times for certain things. When the time’s up, I’m done.

Habit 6: Create the right environment.

Your space should inspire you.

The goal is flow, with low barriers to get there.

I have my Must Do list next to my computer. And a nice cup of tea or coffee. I’m alone with just the cats snoozing nearby.

My brain just knows- it’s work time.

Habit 7: Use time blocking.

Make the best of every minute by knowing what you’re focusing on right now.

This also helps with anxiety. No need to worry about what’s next, it has its own pocket of time.

Habit 8: Automate where possible.

Whenever you can. Because wherever you make life easier, it gives you more time. Time to do more important work. Time to spend with family and friends.

I have email templates I use daily.

I schedule Tweets in bulk in advance.

I pre-write and schedule articles to publish in advance.

Having more free time is your goal.


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