The 7 Choices of Highly Intelligent People


The 7 Choices of Highly Intelligent People

Long Term Wealth
Your decisions make or break you. Choose good ones.


Like the millions of others in the world, I too have been a victim of indulging in negative hobbies.

Spending days on end following the mainstream way of watching Netflix, playing video games and eating junk food.

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A vicious cycle to be stuck in.

But if we’re stuck in this cycle, we need to make better decisions.


Because they compound (look at the picture above).

If you do them for 1 day? That’s fine.

But 1 usually turns into 2, 2 into 3, 3 into 300.

Before you know it they make up your identity.

Yes, they feel amazing at the moment.

But they suck your soul if you continue to indulge in them.

So let’s change that.

Here are the decisions you need to make that will change your life for the better.

Choice #1: Daily Reading

“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body” — Joseph Addison
Our first experience of reading begins in the education system.

But it’s not in the way that’s pleasurable or educational — it’s systematic.

Unfortunately, once our schooling ends, most of us decide never to pick up a book again.

Those of us who do gain a huge advantage over our peers.

Benefits of Reading:

Higher IQ
Better Social Skills
Better Clarity
Increased Income Potential
Reduced Stress
Research shows that 85% of self-made millionaires read 2 or more books per month (

You may not be able to replicate the millionaires — but you should start with 10 pages a day and build your way up.

I encourage you to expand your knowledge by reading books on various topics.

Recommended Action:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Atomic Habits by James Clear

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

These books will give you a nice foundation to start with.

You may also prefer blogs, articles (like this one) or audiobooks.

The choice is yours — as long as you are learning and applying the information in real life.

Choice #2: Daily Writing & Journaling

Writing is a direct complement to reading.

What you read impacts your ability to write.

Benefits of Writing:

Developed thought process
Widened vocabulary
Improved concentration
Improved clarity
If you become skilled, you will get paid.

And the best writers make $1000s per month.

Writing is a broad term, but here’s what you can do with writing:

Email Marketing
Social Media Content Creation
These are some examples of how writing can make you a living.

Now you don’t have to go straight into these opportunities, but you do need to develop a writing habit.

Recommended Action:

Start journaling your thoughts, plans and ideas.

Summarise the books you read.

Summarise this article.

You can also write down your gym workout like I do every day.

Get used to pen and paper, or even use Apple Notes (or whatever is on your phone)

If you want to become 10x better at Writing in half the time — join the community.

Choice #3: Weightlifting with Healthy Eating

Look around you.

Most people are unhealthy and/or obese and lack any muscle definition.

This is because of the rise of processed foods and seed oils in the modern diet. As well as the convenience of ordering takeout.

What’s the need for cooking and eating clean — if you can press a few buttons and have a Pizza delivered to your doorstep?

That’s what most people think — so do the opposite.

Benefits of Weightlifting/Healthy Eating:

Enhanced confidence
Improved attractiveness
Better health
Reduced risk of disease
‘Halo’ effect (Google this)
I could do a whole article on the benefits of Weightlifting but that’s for another day.

Recommended Action:

  1. Join the Gym

If you don’t want to join the gym immediately.

Start a home workout routine.

There’s plenty of information online and on YouTube to get started.

  1. Fix your diet

Swap out the pizzas, burgers, and fries.

Eat whole foods, vegetables and fruit.

You will feel better and your future self will thank you.

Choice #4: Martial Arts

In combination with Weightlifting, this is a magnificent hobby to have.

If you ever wanted a testosterone pill — this is it.

Knowing how to protect yourself as a man (or woman) is effective.

Now, the usual question is as follows:

“But I’ll never get into a fight, why should I do it?”
That’s not the point.

You don’t go out looking for fights. But you can handle yourself if confrontation arises.

Discipline is the main component when it comes to joining a Martial Arts gym.

The lessons learned in your Martial Arts classes will translate to the rest of your life.

You make better decisions.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Improved Social Skills
Supercharged confidence
Increased flexibility
Better coordination
And the list goes on…

When it comes to Martial Arts — pick one or more effective ones.

What I mean by this is they have real-world applications so you don’t waste your time and money.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Recommended Action:

Go onto Google and research the closest Martial Arts gym to you.

See what they offer.

If they fall into the recommended Martial Arts above then go for a FREE trial session (if offered).

Choice #5: Playing Sports

This can be individual/team sports.

You need to be in a situation where you’re losing and you have to use your skill and mentality to come back and win.

Not only do you get better at the sport itself, but it’s a good metaphor for life.

Life is tough and you need to be tougher than it.

Here are some sports that I recommend:

Football (or Soccer)
The benefits of competing in a sport are the same as Weightlifting and Martial Arts.

Recommended Action:

Pick a sport (whichever one suits your preferences) and engage in it 1x a week.

Choice #6: Building an Online Business

We live in the digital era and online businesses will only grow.

So take advantage of this opportunity.

Reasons to Build an Online Business:

Low start-up cost
Unlimited scale
Work from home
100% ownership
Access to millions of customers/clients
If you were to start a physical business from scratch — it would cost $10k+

An online business can be set up for <$100.

The great thing about creating an online business is that you get to practice your writing ability.


In life, you are 2 things:

A creator
A consumer
Guess which one gets paid?

Recommended Action:

Start creating your online business for cheap.

Choice #7: Financial Investing

The decisions mentioned above are to help you improve yourself physically and mentally.

To supplement this, you should also invest financially.

I’m not going to go deep into these because I already have an article dedicated to this subject.

Recommended Action:

Take a read and fix your finances forever.

When you choose to make positive decisions over negative ones, your life becomes 10x better.

From all these decisions I have told you to make, what’s the common theme?

Scroll up and read. You will notice something.

I mention certain ‘buzzwords’

It’s all about improving yourself and becoming a productive human being.

Train your mind — Reading
Train your body — Physical Activity
Train your skills — Writing and Online Business
Increase your Wealth — Investing and Online Business
If you do these every single day over a long period.

You’re going to be ahead of 99% of your peers.

But it won’t happen if you don’t start today.

Not tomorrow.


Recommended Action:

Take it slow and build yourself up.

I don’t expect you to dive in all at once because that’s unsustainable.

Start by reading 10 pages of a book today and writing down your thoughts.

Eat clean and healthy today and go for a walk.

Start creating your online business (it doesn’t take longer than 1 hour to set up).

As you progress, you may get into Martial Arts and Sports.

Eating clean and going to the gym will be a regular occurrence.

Writing will become a daily habit.

1 year later you’re a completely different human.

How do I know?

Because that was my journey and everyone can do the same.
Thank You for Reading


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