Life Gets Easier When You Focus on These 3 Things


Life Gets Easier When You Focus on These 3 Things

The order of importance is up to you, but I know mine.


My order of importance goes health, love, wealth. Because without health, you have nothing. And without love, all the money in the world isn’t worth anything. But your order of importance may vary. That’s okay.

If you focus on these 3 things…everything else takes care of itself. What are they?

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Health is a 2 part answer. Mind and body are equally important. It’s terrible to lose both. Some would add emotional health as a third, but for me that’s mental health too.


Meditation. Hard to do sometimes, but so worth it. Even if you’re only able to do a couple of minutes early on. Sitting quietly and clearing your mind is so good for you.
Gratitude. I try my best to start and end my day with gratitude and to sprinkle it in throughout. Notice what people do for you. Notice a sip of good coffee or tea. Recognize the comforts that exist around you. You’ll be happier.
Self-mastery. You cannot control others, you can only try to master yourself. This starts with brutal honesty of who you really are.
Incremental improvement. You’re not going to change in a day or a week. You need to seek constant, incremental improvement.
Stress management. Stress is literally the biggest danger to us as modern humans. Find ways to reduce it. Take time to relax, practice deep breathing and manage your time.

Sleep. 7.5 OR 9 hours, pay attention to 90 minute sleep cycles. They’re rough estimates, but pretty accurate. And 15–20 minute power naps between 1–3p will change your life.
Eat. Keep it simple. Don’t stress too much. Focus on whole foods, lots of produce, lean proteins, healthy fats and FIBER.
Move. Walk a lot (10k steps+ per day if you can), lift heavy (relatively speaking) and sprint 1–2x week (preferably on a grass hill, easier on the joints and more stressful on the heart/lungs, that’s a good thing).


Romance. Build a valuable romantic relationship. Being with the right partner is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
Family. Create your own family. Whether that be with just a partner or with a partner and children. And once you have children, lean in to them.
Close ties. Stay close with family and good friends. Some scientists argue that social bonds are the most important key to longevity.
Loose ties. Maintain looser social ties as well. Volunteer, committees, sports leagues. The options are endless.


Finances. This goes without saying. You need to learn how to budget, save and (perhaps most importantly) invest. Money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, sure, but it buys peace of mind and good experiences.
Knowledge. Knowledge is the first part of power. Application is the second and most important part of power.
Spirituality. I myself am not spiritual in the typical sense but I think of nature and animals here. Being close to the natural world. Walking barefoot, existing in nature, whether it be the woods or the beach and taking care of pets.
Career goals. Most of you reading this are either just beginning or right in the middle of your careers. You probably have a long time of working ahead of you.


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