When life gives you lemons: STEPS TO MAKING THE BEST OF SITUATIONS


When life gives you lemons: STEPS TO MAKING THE BEST OF SITUATIONS.

Lemons represent a perfect juxtaposition of what life entails, a bittersweet experience. It is in how uncomfortable growth can be, it is in loving and living, it’s in the natural order of things, how the sun sets and rises every day, even though the darkness could hold a lot of terrors. How the rain that grows the farmer’s crops, would ruin the wedding that is taking place down the street. Situations and circumstances might not be palatable, that’s the first truth about lemons, it is sour.
On the other hand, however, it’s also sweet. As the acid burns its sweetness coats your tongue giving you a reason to try it again. It’s in laughter and beautiful memories; the only things that would last us a lifetime. It is in creation, birth, and changing seasons. The first cry of a child, the indication of a million possibilities, the first dreams and aspirations of youth, a heart that knows no bothers. It is the twinkling of a million stars on a dark airy night, the silvery gaze of the full moon on dark waters shining like tiny droplets of diamonds. Like lemons, life is also sweet.
Life would always give us lemons, circumstances that are testing, things that won’t always go according to our plans, and uncomfortable situations that you would altogether avoid. Some of us like lemons, we have learnt to enjoy the experience, while some would rather avoid it altogether. This is however not a matter of choice, as surely as the cycle of changing seasons, humans would eventually deal with letting go, adapting, learning and relearning, it is not the situation but rather what we make of it, it is our outlook on the situation that makes the difference. That’s the most important thing about lemons, life would always give you lemons what makes the difference is whether we can recreate them into lemonade.


1. The first step to lemonade making is maximizing circumstances, whatever the situation is we have to realise that our innate human skill is adaptability, we are programmed to move with the seasons of change, to oppose change would be unnatural. The proper approach is to make sure that whatever situation we are in we make the best of it to our best possible ability. The actuality would be difficult there would be days when you don’t feel like it, allow yourself to rest, remember it’s okay to rest, just make sure to keep it moving, you can’t afford to give up.

#2. It is also important to be aware that the power of creation lives inside us, every single one of us is a creator, consciously or unconsciously creating our realities, you have the right, the possibilities and resources to create a better possibility than your present reality, you really can do this.”
Contributed By: Odusanya olubukola.

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