7 Secrets of Top Performers


7 Secrets of Top Performers

You can master them all this year.


We all know top performers.

The ones who take home the awards. Take home the most money. Earn the most accolades. Are in high demand.

Nothing says you can’t be one of them. Except your own limitations that you’ve created in your own mind.

Here are the traits they all have in common.

. They’re optimistic

They’re relentlessly positive and they expect things to go in their favor.

When you believe that at your core, most things do go in your favor.

Colin Powell said it best- optimism is a force multiplier.

2. They create more than they consume

By far.

They write content, they build businesses, they create art.

They don’t spend a ton of time watching Netflix or shopping.

3. They’re confident

which allows them to be risk-tolerant.

They try new things, take leaps of faith, and understand that safe doesn’t lead to success.

This doesn’t mean they take stupid risks. They look for low risk, high reward opportunities.

4. They’re patient

They understand success is a process that takes years. “Overnight success” is an oxymoron.

Top performers create plans, then they follow them consistently.

5. They exercise

Because a strong body builds a strong mind.

Working out also gives you energy and confidence.

6. They prioritize ruthlessly

They understand what’s important so they ignore what’s not.

They work on their top items daily. You won’t find them doing busy work.

7. They’re self-reliant

They understand that they can solve their own problems, acquire wisdom from mentors and books and that they see opportunities instead of excuses.

There’s no victim mentality. There’s no blame game. Just a whole lot of personal responsibility.


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