7 Powerful Ways to Simplify Your Life


7 Powerful Ways to Simplify Your Life

Focus will help you produce better results in your life


Do you have space for people you love in your life? Do you really appreciate your life? Do you seize the opportunities that life gives you?

To answer the questions with a resounding “no,” it would be helpful to simplify your life.

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With so many distractions in today’s modern, technology-obsessed world, our focus often is lacking.

Research has found that 99% of employees are distracted during the day. Once we are distracted, our ability to refocus is tougher.

To simplify our life, we should consider having less stuff, fewer obligations, and less noise in our heads. It’s time for us to make room to spend time on what really matters to us.

“Discovering what you really want saves you endless confusion and wasted energy.” — Stuart Wilde, a British writer
We are obsessed with the hustle and bustle, the latest technologies, and how we look on social media. This stuff makes us feel endlessly anxious, and we want more, more, and more.

Perhaps we should rethink things.

Go the opposite direction. Zig while others zag. Simplify our lives instead of making them more complex.

To get ahead in work, do we really need to overwork?
To make our social media feed more interesting, do we really need more followers?
Do we really need to accept another meeting at work if it is unnecessary?
Instead, we can maximize our days, share things on social media with people who really matter to us, and get a promotion at work by working smarter, not harder.

“That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” — Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple
We can produce better results in our personal and professional lives with simplification. Simplifying our lives can give us more time, space, and energy to focus on what’s important to us.

Here are seven ways you can simplify your life today.

1. Simplify Your Commitments

We love to book our calendars full and aim to do more than we can really handle. We like to book our days with meetings and tasks. We love to put 25 things on our to-do lists every day.

The problem is that life happens, and we don’t have time for all our commitments. What we can really accomplish in a day doesn’t match with what we think we can make happen. It’s essential to reduce our obligations and say “no” without burning bridges.

We don’t need to take on unnecessary projects and meetings at work. We don’t need to say “yes” to all the requests that come our way. We don’t have to be impacted by people who come into our lives who want to fill our calendar full of events, ideas, and things to do.

Key takeaway: Simplify your life by better prioritizing your commitments each day.

2. Simplify Your Consumption

We have a lot of information at our fingertips. We have many entertainment options on TV, Netflix, YouTube, and social media. We also have many outlets to get our news. We live in a binge-consumption society.

Our technology world tells us of the latest negative news and how the sky is falling. Much of what we consume doesn’t really matter to our daily lives. Simplify your consumption of entertainment, books, music, and information.

We can get fatigued with too much information. Simplify what you consume every day. Our attention span is limited, and there’s only so much information we can consume in a day. Consume only what is useful and block out the rest of the noise.

Key takeaway: You will stay motivated and focused when watching what information you consume every day.

3. Simplify Your Expectations

If you think you need fame, success, and money to be happy, you will make decisions to get you closer to that. You will want to work hard to keep up with the Joneses, have sleepless nights, and sacrifice your mental health. It’s about simplifying your expectations.

How you manage your expectations determines how simple your life is.
Expectations can cause frustration, and people become unhappy when their expectations are not met. Our expectations are based on what’s important to us and may lead you down a path of living a life you don’t like. If you realize that a calm life is better than an exciting one, your choices will be more straightforward.

Key takeaway: Expectations can force you to live a more complex and unhappy life.

4. Simplify Your Health

This is about taking care of yourself. It’s about getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, getting outside in nature, drinking water, eliminating sugar, and reducing stress.

When you get enough sleep, you don’t view the world negatively, and you can better handle life’s stresses. When you don’t get sleep and exercise, you may think your life is not where it should be, but you just need to get some sleep and exercise more.

Likely, you don’t hate your job; you just didn’t get enough sleep and don’t exercise enough.
Key takeaway: When you make it a priority to eat healthier, get enough sleep, and exercise every day, you simplify your life because your health impacts your mindset.

5. Simplify Your Mindset

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” — Norman Vincent Peale, an American religious leader
A mindset shift may be necessary to live a simpler life. It would be helpful if you changed how you thought about the world around you. Choosing to live with less goes against our cultural norms.

It starts with your “why” for living a simpler life. That will help you overcome setbacks and challenges. When you have a vision for what a simpler life will bring you, you know what you need to change. Living a simple life is about having a different perspective about life.

Key takeaway: When your mind is clear on what you need to do, you can simplify your life.

6. Simplify Your Shopping

If you are overspending on shopping because you can’t stop your impulses to buy more, you should simplify your shopping.

Did you look at your order history on Amazon? Is your spending out of control? Do you really need that one item you bought yesterday?

You probably don’t need some of the items you bought recently. Every product you see gives you a promise to make your life better. Will it really? Think about using subscriptions like Amazon Subscribe and Save, so you get consistent products on a reoccurring basis.

Simplify your shopping, so you don’t overspend with online shopping or at a store. Also, don’t go to a store hungry. Research has found that when you go to the store hungry, you spend 60% more and buy more non-food items than less hungry people who are shopping.

Key takeaway: Automate some of your shopping and don’t go to the store when you are hungry because you will buy more.

7. Simplify Your Budget

This is not rocket science, but it’s essential to simplify your life. There’s a simple formula to budgeting. Save more and spend less.

To simplify your life, live on less than you earn.
Stop unnecessary spending, reduce expenses, and create a budget. Also, automate savings and bill payments. Pay off your credit card debt and student loans.

Key takeaway: To simplify your budget, save more and spend less.

Bringing It All Together

There are seven powerful ways to simplify our lives. Now is a great time to rethink our commitments, consumption, expectations, habits, mindset, shopping, and budget. By concentrating on what really matters, we will produce better results in our lives.

You don’t have to change everything at one time. Start today by subtracting one thing in your life. The less you have, the less time you need to do something you don’t want to do. Life becomes simpler, and you enjoy the ordinary things in life to their fullest.


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