The World Has Changed! (Here are the New Rules) 


The World Has Changed! (Here are the New Rules)

The world of today and that of tomorrow is radically different from that of yesterday. We’re going through the biggest transfer of wealth & the biggest societal and cultural change in modern history.

There’s no doubt that the world has really changed and still going through more rapid changes. You’re probably feeling it as well…


Today we got you an important topic to cover. So stick with us as we equip you with the knowledge to navigate the world that’s around the corner.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand what’s 1 or 2 steps ahead, so get ready, as today we’re looking at 15 Changes of the New World.

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01 You Don’t Need Degrees

Schools as we know them are done! The university experience is over!

Kids today are learning from home over zoom. The local teachers weren’t equipped in the past to train kids to navigate the world they’ll be immersed in even a decade ago. The pandemic was the last nail in the coffin of a dramatically outdated education system.

Why do you have a bored, underpaid and underqualified teacher explain to your kids things that they can learn in the same fashion from the absolute best in their field?

Picture this: the best math teacher in the world, teaching math to everyone… It’s not a problem of scale anymore. Teachers still have a function as follow-up to the lesson and offering support in the educational journey of the child, but they’re no longer the primary education source.

Teachers should be paid like athletes, where the absolute best of the best earn ridiculous sums of money because they’re the ones returning the most value for the consumer.

We’re experiencing a drastic shift in education. You’re asking kids to be focused for 4 to 5 hours in a zoom call, when you know damn well you couldn’t do it either.

Education will be gamified in the next 3 years. You should be able to co-operate and enjoy the puzzle of learning. Companies like Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft could easily serve as gateways to an educational Metaverse that’s built properly.

We see no reason why true education, focused on teaching you how to problem solve and make decision couldn’t be gamified — as opposed to the traditional model focused on memorization and the regurgitation of meaningless information.

02 Hours In The Office — Don’t Matter

Nobody should care how long it takes for you to get the job done. Payment for services will soon be priced differently.

Pay by service instead of payment by hour.
Payment by hour incentivizes the service provider to take a longer time to finish work, when it should be the other way around.

Why are we punishing those who are really good at their job and can get the same work done at a fraction of time spent. The old system is flawed! With the rise of smart contracts and oracles that are able to read real life data and securely send proof to the contract, work based on result is a superior form or remuneration.

As for those few things where deliveries are dependent on time-quantity, such as entertainment or one on one consulting, live-streaming-payments are already being tested. Instead of paying the full price for an online self-development conference, you could stream only the speaker of your choosing and by not by minute, but by second of content. The total cost will be incrementally lower then the entire ticket price.

Premium content consumption will be soon treated as a utility. Think about it…you pay for electricity based on how much of it you consume.

03 Your Office Or Business Is Your Laptop

Office buildings have taken over cities and have crush the soul of the community in the process.

Instead of having beautiful cities, we’ve been cursed with glass skyscrapers and neon lighting. What a horrible way to live! Nobody wants to come to the office anymore…

Why waste hours of the day in transit, when you can get the same work done from your laptop and use the remaining time to spend on your kids or your hobbies.

The trade is obvious!

The entire commercial real-estate market is suffering, with a big focus on office buildings. For the first time since the industrial revolution, we are looking at the collapse of the workplace.

Building owners are converting their office buildings into apartments in a last attempt to capture value. In fact, the number of office buildings converting to apartment has almost double in 2021 compared to 2020.

41% of all conversions have been from corporate to residential. Your home has never been more important, which is why prices are going up like crazy. Real-estate is proving to be the second best store of value of this decade — competing with Bitcoin.

With software eating the world, there isn’t much left for it to eat. We’re approaching the complete softwar-ization of the marketplace and your entire business will be run from a single laptop that you can carry with you no matter where you choose to live.

04 Patriotism Is Replaced By Chosen Communities

There’s a continuous loss of trust between the populous and the governments.

People are no longer trusting their elected officials to make the best decision for the masses. We know they’re corrupt, we know they bow their heads to big corporations and we know they couldn’t care less about what we need or want, but would sacrifice you in the blink of an eye for their own betterment.

This is why people no longer have that attachment to the home-ground. The sense of belonging is no longer there. Nobody is representing you anymore.

So we find communities of our own. We congregate around communities that share our values, our desires and our purposes. This has been reflected in our behaviors on social media apps as well. Community driven apps and features have seen a massive tick in adoption.

Communities are center stage of the new world!
Since you can live anywhere, work from anywhere and most of our active time is spent online, digital communities are becoming the norm.

People will work for money, but they will die for recognition and to protect what they believe in!
Patriotism is struggling with the second half and we’re seeing massive migrations around the world where people want better returns for their contributions. The healthcare system in the US is a joke, tax brackets in California have transformed Los Angeles in a barely livable city.

This is why Americans are moving to Puerto Rico and Europeans are buying secondary homes in Emirates like Dubai.

05 Platforms Are Stronger Than Governments

We’ve seen this first hand when Facebook has been a deciding players in the united states elections and the Brexit Referendum in the UK.

Nothing has been more humiliating to a nation state than when twitter decide to turn off the mic of the then president of the United States, Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter who the person holding the mic is, but take a moment to think about the idea that a technology platform has the power to mute the leader of the most powerful military and one of the economies of the world.

If you can silence a king, you are the king!
This is brewing a hatred towards private enterprise that’s meddling with basic human freedoms. Humanity doesn’t want to have their digital presence monitored by Zuckerberg, or Freespeech be banned and de-platformed if you go against the consensus of the cancel culture mob.

This is why Facebook is losing users. This is why Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse will never become a reality — and when we say metaverse, we’re basically talking about the new version of the internet that’s currently under development.

Sure, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram can have their own room in the Metaverse, but we sure as hell don’t think is a good idea for them to control the doors and the hallways.

This is an idea that we’ve discussed with the founder of Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin. If platforms are now stronger than governments, then communities are able to make or break platforms.

It’s time for an upgrade on the platform side of things as well…

06 The Internet Is The Largest Marketplace To Ever Exist

Every year, the United Nations published a long report on trade and development.

We’ve read the entire 238 page document so you don’t have to, but the the conclusions are pretty clear.

It has been estimated that global Internet traffic in 2022 will exceed all the Internet traffic up to 2016. Emerging countries are accelerating in their adoption of the internet and being onboarded to online commerce and content consumption.

Digital goods are on the rise as well and there are even multiple experts expecting the digital goods marketplace to rival that of physical goods in the following decades.

Media is already a fully digital marketplace and with the rise of digital scarcity through NFTs, most physical goods will be tracked and owned through digital correspondents.

When you buy a house, you get your ownership papers; you keep a copy, the notary keeps a copy and the local governments keeps a 3rd. What if all of them are destroyed? You lose your proof of ownership — this is exactly what ISIS did when they infiltrated Mosul — they burned land records to cause complete chaos.

With the proof of ownership in digital ledgers, property can be traded from anywhere in the world.

We’re investors in a blockchain based company that is tokenizing real-estate assets: basically you can fractionally own a building on the other side of the world legally. The rent gets distributed to the token holders.

Tokenized ownership and fractional investments are one of the biggest financial breakthroughs of our generation. If in the past it was only the privileged who had the option of using financial instruments to build wealth, the internet, and more precisely the new internet will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to use even more powerful tools than ever available.

07 Find Your Sense Of Purpose Or Feel Lost

Society is changing fast!

We’ve seen the decline of the church and religion. This has made society more materializing and more pragmatic with their actions. This allowed our civilization to become richer and richer from a material perspective.

We’ve run the experiment long enough and the data shows that:

Religion keeps people poor!

The richer the population of a country, the less religion has a direct impact.

But in the process of ridding ourselves of religion — and if you’ve been reading our articles for any while now, you know damn well where we stand on this front — we can lost something as collateral damage.

It has to do with the idea of belonging to a physical community with a spiritual conscience. This new generation is feeling lost and alone. Talk to any 20 or 30 year old and you’ll see that outside of immediate family and 1 or 2 friends, they experience feelings of loneliness.

This new generation is searching for meaning!

Their entire world is in chaos and the rules of the game are changing before their eyes. They grew up in a world that is no longer there as they mature.

Values systems are evolving as well. This is the main reason why we’ve seen a rise in social issues. People simply want to belong — so they join groups that accept them.

08 Your Online Reputation Is Your CV

With degrees being irrelevant, we still need to see proof of ability if we are to engage in economic trade. That’s where your online activity comes into play.

Twitter is your resume. Your YouTube channel is your interview or proof of work. Showcase what you build and those who want to buy it or hire you for it will find it, if you’re good enough.

We receive countless email from people wanting to join our team, but they never mention what they are able to bring to the table.

Here’s a pro-tip: if you want to get a job at any company in the world, start working as if you were working for the company already. We guarantee that if what you put out is valuable and contributing to the success of the company, they will find you.

If back in the day the phrase: “If you build it, they would come!” — used to apply to customers, now it has migrated to quality workers that are doing the building and companies that are coming to them.

09 War Is Outdated & Seen As Primitive

Look at what’s happening in Ukraine right now. Tanks, military men shooting metal slabs and threatening a complete societal collapse with nukes.

How primitive does the idea of going to war sound to this generation!?! Because that sense of patriotism has gone out the window, what would it take for the government to convince you to go to war and kill people you don’t know.

Those are power games of the past. We have technology now. Drones, unmanned planes, economic, trade and innovation wars.

When the goal is to save the freaking planet and create a civilization backup on Mars, starting a war seems completely out of the narrative.

It’s almost neanderthal-ist in nature!

If countries want to compete, do it in technological progress. The country who generates the most value for human kind gets to sit at the top of the leaderboard and we will all clap.

But unfortunately that’s not the case. Humans are selfish beings, drooling for power and afraid of ridicule or losing status.

It usually takes a century for the leaderboard to change and we’re seeing live the collapse of the United States economy and the rise of china. The problem is that although China is winning the economic volume war, their values when it comes to human rights, privacy and freedoms aren’t aligned with those of the countries who are crushing it in that department — see European countries, Japan, even the United States.

Time will tell how this plays out!

10 The New Rich Have Different Values

You know how old money wanted to have the largest mansion possible?

Well… those properties are now on the market and nobody’s buying them. And it’s not because people can’t afford them, because everyday the world mints a new billionaire every 17 hours.

Here’s where your reality might glitch:

Someone new becomes a millionaire every 6 seconds!

These are self-made people who don’t necessarily look at money and wealth the same way previous generations did. The new rich want to be happy and fulfilled.

While Jeff Bezos is taking down bridges for his mega-yacht to be able to exit in an attempt to win the measuring contest, the new true rich don’t put that much emphasis on public displays of wealth or the massive consumption of resources.

Sure, you want to live comfortably, but the houses of new rich are smart homes that are sustainable. They offset their climate footprint and invest their wealth into life changing tech. The who’s got the bigger… home narrative is one for the past generation. The new rich simply want to have enough to live a comfortable life, not having to worry about money problems and use the excess to build cool sh*t.

Just look at the youngest self made billionaire, Sam Bankman-Fried, he barely cares about material wealth and is donating his fortune at a faster pace than any billionaire before.

We’re going through a cultural shift readers, and it’s time for our generation to put their foot down and decide what we are going to do with the wealth we generate.

11 Old People Can No Longer Offer Advice

We have officially reached a point of complete disconnect.

Think of it like this: for the boomer generation, they’ve got 60 years of a certain speed of change. They were raised in the aftermath of a winning war where wealth was abundant and costs were low. You could buy a house with a regular-ass job.

Now you need a doctorate and a working spouse to maybe see the light at the end of the rainbow in your lifetime.

Their brains matured in an offline world and are unable to comprehend the complex implications of a collapsing economic system, of societal uprising where your privilege you enjoyed hasn’t been transferred through generations and it’s not that the rules of the game have changed… this is a completely new game!

Working hard no longer builds wealth, because the currency is devaluing faster than you can produce it. You need a mix of builder and sales mentality. You can no longer spend 10 years getting really good at 1 thing, because in 10 years the entire market will change 4 or 5 times.

We live in a period of non-linearity! Where instead of walking in a straight line to your goal, you have to jump from a moving tile to another moving tile in the hopes that jump after jump you’ll eventually be closer. This generation is off to fend for itself and it’s figuring out where it’s going in the process.

12 Privacy Is More Important Than Security

One thing became clear in the recent years: we really really care about our privacy.

The state will always scare people into trading off their privacy in exchange for perceived security. You know where you’re most secured? In a cage… Nothing can get in the cage while you’re in it. You’re no longer free, but you’re secured.

The question becomes, are you willing to live your life in a cage just for the sake of perceived security? What is there really out there to be afraid of?

This new world wants to be left alone, it wants to be free, to feel alive. This is a major difference between this world and the old one. We’d rather be less secure but free, than secured and controlled.

Look at the populous of North Korea or even china or the U.S. The fact that they monitor where you are, what you like, who you’re with, what you talk about, what you don’t like is infringing on individual rights. This is one of the reasons we are moving away from a cash based society. They want to be able to track where your purchases go.

This is why they’re not allowing you to buy anything over 10,000 USD in cash. It’s about continuous monitoring and control, disguised as protection from illicit activity, when in reality we’ve seen illicit activity still getting a green light from them.

People don’t want to be held to a standard others are free to ignore. This is why we’ve seen a rise in the privacy narrative. Facebook lost over 200 billion dollars after Apple limited it’s data mining ability last year.

Apps like signal & telegram have been growing like crazy because people want to protect what’s theirs. Protecting your online activity has become paramount. You can take control of your online activity with simple to use tools like a VPN.

Privacy is a key narrative moving forward and this new generation is willing to pay in order to take what’s theirs back.

13 Power Needs To Be Decentralized

The system is flawed; we need a better system.

Although centralization has its perks — and it proved to be crucial in the development of the old world to get us to this point today — it’s no longer needed across the board.

The entire financial world is on the verge of disruption through decentralization. Banks are one of the richest entities in the world and it turns out everything that they do can be automated, securely stored in code and processed at a fraction of the cost.

The idea of electing officials that vote on your behalf on issues that you care about is flawed. We’ve got face ID, blockchains and digital passports… time has come for us to vote on the issues important to us through an app on our phones.

Direct democracies are probably one of the immediate solutions to be implemented, especially if they prove to be effective on the local level.

You’re paying taxes every single year… do you know where that money goes — Probably not!

What if you could handpick where a portion of those funds will go to? If there are potholes on your street you could prioritize them, or focus your efforts on upgrading your neighborhood school or park.

In the past, we have delegated power to others and they have mismanaged. In this new world power is coming back to the citizen.

14 Developed Societies Are Borderless

At the beginning of this piece, we mentioned that your entire business or your office now fits in a laptop.

We also discussed the rapid digital infrastructure development and the distrust we have in our local authorities.

People are moving around the planet like never before…

Why should I stay? Give me a reason to live here? To contribute here? To pay taxes here? To use my skills and my ability locally?

Where you live is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life!
Geography determines culture, it determines the people you’ll hang out with, who you’re going to marry, what business opportunities will you follow, the food you eat and the air you breath.

If this is the new world, best believe that people are seeking the highest return on their time.

15 Wealth Is Abundant & Accessible To Everyone

This new world no longer has gatekeepers. You’re no longer chosen by a higher hand that will give you what you want.

In this new world: you build it yourself, you need no one’s permission to do it. Online, you have the same voice as a multi-billion dollar company. You and them are fighting for attention. You have all the tools necessary to learn, build and grow.

If it was ever a time where meritocracy was at its peak, it is now readers. There’s never been so much money, so much wealth generated in such a short time span. If you’re smart and focused, it won’t take you more than 5 years to build more than enough wealth for you to live a comfortable life.

People are scared of change, holding onto the relics of the past. Those who embrace the new will be the biggest winners of this change.
The list could go on as we’re sure you’ve experience changes first hand in your life. So we’re passing the question down to you:

How is your world changing?

Share your personal insight with the community because your input is quite valuable and it’s a shame not to share it with likeminded individuals.

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