What is the best Canadian province for permanent residents? 


What is the best Canadian province for permanent residents?

My goodness. Tough question.

I have lived in five Provinces, in the following order:


Newfoundland. Born there and left when I was six so not many helpful hints coming your way regarding life style. There is beautiful scenery, hunting, fishing, outdoors stuff galore and some pretty shitty weather. Winters can be cold and windy and wet and snowy and cold and windy. Summer can also be cold and windy and wet. As for prospects for employment: I can’t say.


Interesting Province. You need to speak French unless you live in Montreal in an English speaking neigbourhood. I would also suggest that if you do move to Quebec and don’t learn to speak French you would lose out on a lot of culture and friendships. Much of Quebec is rural but Montreal is a true metropolitan city. Quebec City is the most interesting small city and is a tourist destination so be prepared for busy streets. Food is good everywhere.

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Has the largest population of the Canada provinces. Lots of choices of places to live; big city, small city, town, country. Interesting topography and lots to see and do. Toronto is a world class city with diversity and plenty of museums, restaurants, galleries, etc. Also probably lots of employment in and around the city. However, Toronto is expensive. The Niagara region is stunning.

PEI (Prince Edward Island)

The littlest Province and the smallest population and it is really looking for people to move there. Pretty everywhere you go (you can go everywhere on the island in a day) with great beaches and attractions. Be warned though that many of the tourist destinations close down completely in the winter months and that includes amenities nearby such as stores, restaurants, etc.

BC (British Columbia)

Absolutely beautiful. Everywhere. Just beautiful. I lived on Vancouver Island (not to be confused with the city of Vancouver which is on the main land) and it really was a fun place to live. Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world and pretty much all of BC is becoming pricy. You would need a great job to sustain yourself but there would be some amazing recreational activities at your door step.

Contributed by Catherine Durnford-Wang

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