Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #86 


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #86

Portion 1

This Beautiful WEEK, My life will keep radiating joy and peace. I will continue to have zero financial concern. My house shall keep operating as a city of refuge.

Portion 2

This Beautiful WEEK, Supernatural supplies of good things will abound in my life and habitation. Financial miracles shall bombard my life.


Portion 3

This Beautiful WEEK, Unimaginable blessings shall abound in my life. Abundant harvest of good is the portion of my household.

Portion 4

This Beautiful WEEK, The Lord will keep decorating me to His glory. Divine joy is ever my portion. My God will keep increasing my greatness.

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Portion 5

This Beautiful WEEK, Heaven on earth experience is ever my portion. More and more opportunities for divine exploits will keep happening to me.

Portion 6

This Beautiful WEEK, My God will visit me with His wonders. I will always do well no matter what. I will continue to have zero concern on finances.

Portion 7

This Beautiful WEEK, The abundant rain of blessings will keep falling upon me and all my loved ones. Shame and reproach shall be far from me.

Portion 8

This Beautiful WEEK, My God will keep enabling me to live a life of great impact to humanity. Sickness and disease shall never be my portion.

Portion 9

This Beautiful WEEK, My God will continue to strengthen me. Things will keep getting better and better for me no matter what. The resources of heaven will keep pouring on me.

Portion 10

This Beautiful WEEK, Help will arise for me in ways that I cannot imagine. Unstoppable breakthroughs is ever my portion.

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