Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #77 


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #77

Portion 1

This Great Day, I am released as an envy to my world. I will never know a dry season in my financial life. My long awaited miracle is flowing to me now.

Portion 2

The Great Day, A new dawn has come upon my life. A new chapter of glory is upon my life. There is an unleashing of sworn blessings upon my life.


Portion 3

This Great Day, Sickness and diseases are cursed out of my life. I will have strange order of positive happenings in my life. The abundant life is forever my portion.

Portion 4

This Great Day, I declare that God has done all things well in my life. People will be praising God when they see me and my loved ones. I will always be pregnant with blessings.

Portion 5

This Great Day, The ever winning grace is ever upon me. My path will keep shinning more and more. The rain of blessings will keep falling on me.

Portion 6

This Great Day, There shall be no trace of lack and want in my life. Divine connection to real life achievers is my portion. I will continue to live under the realities of showers of blessings.

Portion 7

This Great Day, My eyes will keep seeing good. My ears will keep hearing good. My legs will keep stepping on good places. My mouth will taste good things.

Portion 8

This Great Day, I will keep reaping the great harvest of good. I decree the best for me today whatever it may be. The breakthrough I have been longing for will come.

Portion 9

This Great Day, More and more testimonies of good will keep coming from me and every member of my household. My life will continue to be full of good fruits.

Portion 10

This Great Day, My life will continue to count. Perpetual showers of blessings will keep pouring on me and my household. Joy unlimited is my continual portion.

❤️Blessings mindsets will al lead to a blessed life. Never shift your ground on this. Keep developing strongly your blessings mentality. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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