Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #3 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 3 of 3 series)


Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #3 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 3 of 3 series)

Portion 1

This Great YEAR, My God will keep enlarging my coast and granting me more and more breakthroughs that will astound my generation. I will continue to have penetrating insights in the Word of God for more and more change of levels.

Portion 2

This Great YEAR, more and more people will come to know the Lord through me. When people see me, they will continue to be happy. My appearance will keep causing the disappearance of the wicked. There shall be abundant of good things in my life to the glory of God


Portion 3

This Great YEAR, Every barrier against my shinning glory will collapse without remedy. My spiritual life will continue to be highly vibrant and impactful. The faithfulness of God will be seen all over my life and family. I decree that there shall be no loss.

Portion 4

This Great YEAR, New good things that are highly beneficial will enter my home. Evil eyes will not see me and my loved ones. Only the drums of joy shall be beaten in my home perpetually. The anointing for increase upon my life will keep manifesting more and more.

Portion 5

This Great YEAR, Life will be very good to me and my household. Great doors of blessings will open for me. I will keep having more than enough to enjoy life and bless others. The kindness of God will continue to saturate my life without measure.

Portion 6

This Great YEAR, God’s covenant of peace upon my life will keep operating powerfully in my Favour. The loving kindness of God will keep manifesting in my household for more and more favours. The blessings of the land will keep finding their way into our home.

Portion 7

This Great YEAR, People will definitely remember me and my loved ones for good. Signs and wonders will continue to happen in my life to God’s glory. Divine wisdom to keep reigning and ruling on the earth will continue to flood my soul.

Portion 8

This Great YEAR, My God will trouble whatever and whoever may want to trouble me and my loved ones in any way. I will continue to enjoy great profit in trusting my God. My inheritance in God shall not become someone else. It is forever well with me and my household.

Portion 9

This Great YEAR, Peace like a fountain and joy like a river will continue abide in my soul. My God will continue to decorate me with His amazing and extravagant blessings to His glory. My presence will continue to intimidate every agent of darkness.

Portion 10

This Great YEAR, Good people will keep flocking my life. It shall be a season of joy and harmony indeed for me and all my loved ones. I will continue to operate in a cycle of unending blessings with sound and vibrant health to the glory of my Father God.

Portion 11

This Great YEAR, The heavy river of power, glory, honour, strength, riches, wisdom and blessing will continue to flow in my life and home. The seed of longevity and sound health will continue to flourish in me and in all my love ones to the glory and praise of God. I will keep seeing more and more great seasons in life!

❤️This is the last part of the HAPPY NEW YEAR series. I will advice that you go back and revisit the other two episodes. DRINK THEM IN. This is a great year for you but let your mindset be filled with blessings possibilities. 🙏🏿

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