Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #65


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #65

Portion 1

This Blessed Day, I will continue to operate effectively by the power of God. Happiness, laughter and joy is forever my portion.

Portion 2

This Blessed Day, Sound health and vitality is forever my portion. I will continue to have divine supplies for living the beautiful existence.


Portion 3

This Blessed Day, God will continue to be first in my life. It shall be gains upon gains for me at all times. I will continue to be a living wonder among people.

Portion 4

This Blessed Day, The innermost desires within me will continually be satisfied. My God will keep making way for me where they say there is no way.

Portion 5

This Blessed Day There shall be a commotion of great testimonies in my home. My joy will continue to be full in every good way.

Portion 6

This Blessed Day, My God will connect me with great people. I will continue to wax strong in the Lord with unparalleled exploits to His glory.

Portion 7

This Blessed Day, Deeper revelations of God’s glory shall be my portion continually. My life pattern will always be colorful to God’s glory.

Portion 8

This Blessed Day, Divine wisdom for unimaginable glory is ever my portion. Everything will continue to answer in my Favour to God’s glory.

Portion 9

This Blessed Day, Continual laughter is my portion. No wish of the enemy will prosper in my life. No one will see evil around me. It shall all be good for me always.

Portion 10

This Blessed Day, My heart shall be full of joy. My mouth shall be full of praise. My story will continue to change positively to God’s glory.

Portion 11

This Blessed Day, God’s Word will continue to be my nonstop meditation. Unimaginable blessings will keep flowing in my habitation to the glory of God.

❤️Don’t give up believing that great blessings are for you in life no matter what. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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