Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #63


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #63

Portion 1

This Blessed Day, I will keep seeing great things that will keep changing my levels positively to the glory of God.

Portion 2

This Blessed Day, I will continue to walk in the light of God. The circumstances of life will continue to favour me.


Portion 3

This Blessed Day, My life will be full of wonders. The deep things of God will be revealed to me more and more.

Portion 4

This Blessed Day, I will continue to be fearless and daring in going forward to take my rightful place in destiny.

Portion 5

This Blessed Day, I shall not be stranded in any way. God will continue to be my utmost priority for living.

Portion 6

This Blessed Day, My faith will continue to deliver good things for me in God. No one will take away my portion of glory in God. It is my time to shine!

Portion 7

This Blessed Day, My Love for God will keep increasing more and more. I will not struggle for the blessings of life.

Portion 8

This Blessed Day, Life advantages will be my portion more and more. I will continue to command exploits in the land of the living.

Portion 9

This Blessed Day, The ways of God shall be opened to me more and more. The joy of the Lord will continue to fill my heart and mind to overflow.

Portion 10

This Blessed Day, The bounties of life shall keep flowing to me. Shame and reproach will never be seen in and around in me.

❤️I can categorically tell you that you are in for great and pleasant surprises as you keep programming yourself with these blessings declarations! Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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