Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #62


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #62

Portion 1

This Beautiful Day, My steps shall be ordered by the Lord. I will continue to live a buoyant and blessed life. Only the will of God shall keep manifesting in my life. The glory of God shall be seen in every aspect of my life.

Portion 2

This Beautiful Day, God will cause me to inherit glory. The life of God shall keep dominating my life. It shall be from glory to glory for me and the entire member of my family.


Portion 3

This Beautiful Day, Total deliverance from every form of captivity is continually my portion. My eyes will ever be turned to the Lord. I will always be a living example of a super blessed entity to God’s glory.

Portion 4

This Beautiful Day, My God will keep decorating my destiny.My rain of blessings will continue to fall. My God will keep elevating me no matter what is happening in the economy.

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Portion 5

This Beautiful Day, The heaven will remain perpetually opened over me. It shall bountiful harvest of good for me at all times. My God will keep using my life to draw people to Himself.

Portion 6

This Beautiful Day, The beauty of the Lord shall continue to be evident in my life. New doors of glory will surely open for me. Nothing will stop me from going higher and higher in effectiveness and favours.

Portion 7

This Beautiful Day, My God will keep changing my story. The life of God will continue to be my life. It shall be up and up for in every great way to the glory of God. I will keep Winning and reigning.

Portion 8

This Beautiful Day, Real good money will keep flowing my way. Nothing will stop me from breaking through on every side. More and more testimonies of God’s goodness shall be evident in my life.

Portion 9

This Beautiful Day, I will always be victorious.I will always be living the Blessed life. I will always be joyful. I will always be at great peace. Great dimensions of breakthroughs are coming my way.

Portion 10

This Beautiful Day, The oil of joy shall continually saturate every part of my life. It shall be goodness upon goodness for me and all my loved ones. I will continue to celebrate the goodness of God in every area of my life. This is surely my time of total breakthroughs.

Portion 12

This Beautiful day, my life will keep getting sweeter and sweeter. No weapon fashioned against me and all my loved ones shall prosper. It shall continue to be forward ever and backwards never for me. The hand of God shall continually be upon me for unimaginable good.

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