Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #60


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #60

Portion 1

This Beautiful Day, I will keep living a restful life. My life will keep inviting many to God. The glory of God shall be seen in every area of my life. My life shall be free of all satanic manipulations.

Portion 2

This Beautiful Day, Unimaginable breakthroughs is ever my portion.Things that I have not seen before that are beneficial to me will begin to appear in my life. My soul will keep following hard after God.


Portion 3

This Beautiful Day, The glory of God shall be seen in every aspect of my life. It shall be victory upon Victory for me. The peace of God will continue to saturate my heart. I will keep getting good results.

Portion 4

This Beautiful Day, Destiny wasters will never
come near me and all my loved ones. The love of God will continue to saturate my heart. Shame and reproach will not be seen in any aspect of my life.

Portion 5

This Beautiful Day, Divine wisdom that amaze humanity will continue to flow through me and in me. My God will continue to connect me to the people that matter to my destiny.

Portion 6

This Beautiful Day, No form of sickness and disease shall be found around me. Marvelous things will keep happening in my life. My ministry in life will continue to manifest. Forward ever is my heritage.

Portion 7

This Beautiful Day, There shall be open heavens upon my life. My God will touch the heart of the right people to Favour me beyond my expectations. There shall be a greater harmony in my home.

Portion 8

This Beautiful Day, I will continue to be a great blessing to People. Fears, worries and anxieties will never be my portion. My hope and faith and love for God will keep going stronger and stronger.

Portion 9

This Beautiful Day, My God will keep changing my levels. Nothing and no one will get me down. My star will continue to shine brighter and brighter to the glory of God. It is ever glorious in my life.

Portion 10

This Beautiful Day, The heavenly life is continually my portion. I will keep winning and winning. I will ever be breaking forth on every side to the glory of God. Nothing will stop me from enjoying all the benefits of redemption.

❤️How are you doing with these declarations? Keep at it and keep at it. You will be surprised with the ultimate effects on your life. Things can only get better for you through these blessings declarations. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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