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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #57

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #57

Portion 1

This Great Day, My God will give me brighter lights. I will keep growing in God in deeper and joyful ways. Divine health is mine and will always be mine. I shall keep making tangible progress in life to God’s glory.

Portion 2

This Great Day, The mercies of God shall abide upon me and my loved ones. My heart will always be glad. My strength will keep getting stronger and stronger in God. No evil will move near my habitation.


Portion 3

This Great Day, All manner of blessings will keep coming my way. I shall be known more and more as a person of blessings. The goodness of God shall be evident in my life more and more.

Portion 4

This Great Day, I shall see new things of glory in my life. The Presence of God shall be tangible in my life more and more. My God will continually cause me to triumph in Christ Jesus. Gratitude is ever my portion.

Portion 5

This Great Day, The spirit of obedience to God will dominate my life. Things will keep working excellently for me. I shall encounter more and more people of Great destiny that will collaborate with me to generate more exploits. I will continue to live well to the glory of God.

Portion 6

This Great Day, My heart shall continually be full of gratitude. The mighty doings of God shall be evident in my life.My God will continue to hear and direct me to restful places of blessings. It is ever well with me.

Portion 7

This Great Day, Joy shall continually fill my heart. I will keep enjoying the blessings of heaven. No one will gather around me for any form of sorrow. I will continue to function maximally as the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

Portion 8

This Great Day, Profound things of glory shall keep manifesting in my life. My life will continue to be of great service to God. I decree vehemently that ALL IS WELL with me and my household.

Portion 9

This Great Day, Life is ever my portion. Great things will continue to happen through me. I will ever be a great blessing to mankind. I will actively be serving the Lord. I will end up distinguished in life.

Portion 10

This Great Day, I will always find rest for my soul. My God will continue to fulfill His wonderful promises in my life. I will ever be a dedicated servant of God. My life will ever be going forward and upward.

❤️Copy portion 7 into a card or paper and use it throughout the day! Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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