Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #56


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #56

This Great Day, I decree that my life will keep witnessing unstoppable breakthroughs. My God will keep granting me supernatural breakthroughs in every way. My God will keep leading me to people of honour for more and more blessings.

This Great Day, The glory of God will keep appearing in every aspect of my life for good. The spirit of obedience will keep working in my life for good. Mighty things will keep happening in my life to God’s glory.


This Great Day, My life will continue to glorify God. My God will keep enlarging my coast. All manner of breakthroughs will keep happening to me. I shall be connected to more and more Blessed people.

This Great Day, My God will continue to open my eyes to see greater things in His Word. Nothing will stop my growth in God. Fresh blessings will continue to flow into my life to the glory of my Father God.

This Great Day, My life will keep working well with different glorious testimonies. Everything about my household will continue to inspire others to God. Nothing and no one will limit my joy in any way.

This Great Day, My God will keep turning me to entity of attraction to Him. All manner of glorious testimonies will keep coming out of my home. All that belongs to me shall be set apart for more and more blessings.

This Great Day, I will continue to live the pressure free life. It shall be laughter galore in my home. Divine wisdom will keep flooding my heart for unimaginable exploits. It shall be up and up for me.

This Great Day, My life will keep bearing great fruits to the glory of God. New doors of blessings will keep opening for me. Nothing will hinder the hand of God upon my life. Total fitness is my portion.

This Great Day, I shall encounter the miracles of God in all my undertakings. I will keep changing levels in every positive way. The love of God will keep abounding in me for more and more kingdom results.

This Great Day, Total health is ever my portion. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. Major financial breakthroughs will keep happening in my life. My God will keep decorating my life.

This Great Day, My God will keep supplying all my need according to His reaches in glory by Christ Jesus. My God will grant me access to more and more supernatural blessings to bless humanity.

❤️Let me remind you that to be positively minded is to be blessings conscious. This is how simple it is to live a blessed life. BE BLESSINGS CONSCIOUS. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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