5 Habits of Insanely Charismatic People (Eye opening !)


5 Habits of Insanely Charismatic People (Eye opening !)

You have a great concept about yourself.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” ~ Blake Lively.


Charisma is charming.

Charismatic people are super confident in their own skin and they have a way of making everyone feel attracted to them without knowing why.

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Some of the charismatic leaders in this world are Oprah Winfrey and Princess Diana.

They’re smart and able to get along with everyone they meet as long as they earn respect back.

You may wonder how they do it and how you can become better at increasing your charismatic skills.

After reading this article, you will finish it with new information that will help you in your social life and become more confident in yourself.

Charismatic people carry these habits.

1 You Listen More Than You Speak.

You’re always reflecting on what the other people told you earlier as you’re getting ready for bed. You never make it about you because you’re selfless and want people to express themselves without interruption.

You’re curious about what other people have to say and you know the best way to learn is to listen. Sometimes you decide to be quiet so the rude person can make an embarrassment out of themselves in a room.

You would rather be quiet than saying something stupid. You listen to your own thoughts before you open your lips and spread words. You remain humble enough to listen no matter how much you lead people the way with your charisma.

When someone has something meaningful to say to you, you will think for yourself: “This is the time for me to listen, I may learn something important.” and it has helped you to lower your ego so you’re able to become a better listener.

This Is How You Do It.

Let the other person finish before you reply.
Empathize with what they have to say.
Think about what they said later on.
Important Quote of This Topic.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” ~ Bryant H. McGill.

2 You Have A Great Concept About Yourself.

Your concept about yourself is on point. You have great assumptions about yourself. You see yourself as a confident, smart, and amazing person. There is nothing wrong with being a little bit selfish.

If you ever catch yourself spiraling in destructive thoughts, you will stop yourself and say “This is not true, I’m worthy no matter what.”

You put yourself on the pedestal before anyone else because you are your own priority first. You believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve anything in this world. You wake up and affirm healthy thoughts about yourself before starting your day.

You tell things to yourself such as “Everyone likes to be around me.” and “I’m very attractive and confident in myself.” You never speak bad words to yourself because you know words have power. You nurture yourself with healthy and loving words.

This Is How You Do It.

Affirm kind words to yourself every day.
See yourself becoming better every day.
Reject every destructive thought you have about yourself.
Important Quote of This Topic.

“Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, the magic starts happening.” ~ Unknown.

3 You Have Great Self Control Over Your Emotions.

Charismatic people are calm and collected in challenging situations. You decide to find a solution and come up with ideas instead of hitting rock bottom.

You know that emotions aren’t always logical and you will never become the worst version of yourself by reacting quickly. You never take anything personally from what people tell you.

When you’re emotions are being challenged in a moment, you back off and tell yourself that it’s best to stay calm and keep it casual.

You will remind yourself to be calm by thinking: “Take it easy and don’t do anything stupid. You got this.”

This Is How You Do It.

Take a deep and slow breath before you’re reacting.
Apply meditation in your daily life to improve calmness.
Tell yourself that this will be solved quickly and easily.
Important Quote of This Topic.

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”~ Pema Chodron.

4 You Voice Your Opinion In Different Topics.

You don’t give a sh*t about what people say about your opinion. You trust in what you say and if people don’t like it, well it’s their problem. They lose, you gain.

You’re okay with people correcting you if you did something wrong, but you’re not okay with people coming after you for no reason other than hating out of jealousy.

This is because you know your opinion is not the problem, but people’s reaction to your problem.

Voicing your opinion means you’re confident in what you say and it makes you a good leader and good leaders speak up and have an opinion.

Maybe being a leader is not for you, but you still have the charisma skill to help someone in private by giving them the confidence to be themselves.

This Is How You Do It.

Practice mirror speech by expressing what you’re passionate about.
Write down your own opinions on different topics on a piece of paper.
Push yourself into speaking more, no matter how shaky your voice is.
Important Quote of This Topic.

“You have to speak your mind and do the stuff that makes you laugh.” ~ Joe Rogan.

5 You Treat Everyone With Decent Respect.

You treat everyone with kindness and respect, even if you’ve been hurt in the past. You always make sure everyone feels welcomed in a room and you want to get to know people every day. You smile at everyone you meet.

John Antonakis from the University of Lausanne has studied charisma for over a decade and mentioned that “Charismatic leaders can be loved by those who share their values and loathed by those who don’t.”

You earn respect and people are being convinced every day on why they should respect you because you’re good at adding important values to a group of people and you will be seen as self-assertive because you know what you’re talking about.

This is until someone is rude to you, so you decide to ignore them and set up elegant boundaries for yourself. You’re still being yourself because you won’t let anyone take out the best of you.

It’s automatically natural for you to give everyone respect in order to get respect back and you will naturally ignore those who show you no respect.

Don’t let the hate of this world stop you from being kind.

This Is How You Do It.

Greet everyone you know with a smile.
Engage in the conversation if someone talks to you.
Be supportive of people’s opinions and choices.
Important Quote of This Topic.

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” ~ Albert Einstein.
Five Affirmations To Increase Your Charisma.

I am friendly, positive, and outgoing.
I am just naturally charismatic.
I am easygoing and fun to be around.
I am full of positive energy.
My natural charisma is growing
P.S: Affirmations are your thoughts.
The Final Insights.

Some are born with charisma and some get trained into improving their charisma. Charisma becomes natural to you after you’re born with or after you have had enough training.

You don’t have to be a leader in a business, you can influence people in your own life using your charisma.

It’s time for you to remember the importance of being a good listener, having a great self-concept, controlling your emotions, voicing your opinion, and treating everyone with respect.

Applying these habits will help you make your life easier.


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