Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #53


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #53

This Blessed Day, I shall not be entangled with any yoke of bondage. Total freedom in God is continually my portion. No one will oppress me in any way. No evil will dare come near my dwelling place. I will keep growing in grace and knowledge of God.

This Blessed Day, The heavens will open over me for good. People will see me and rush to be a blessing to me. My name will continue to spell doom for every works of darkness. It shall be victory unlimited for me always no matter what.


This Blessed Day, Deep joy will arise in my heart. New doors of financial blessings will open for me. My mouth will continue to taste good things. No member of my family shall be molested in any way. My God will continue to defend me and my household.

This Blessed Day, Every aspect of my life shall witness growth. Nothing and no one will stop me from breaking through on constant basis. I will continue to fulfill destiny with every member of my household. It shall be Favour galore for me and my household.

This Blessed Day, I decree total harmony in my home. I decree breakthroughs upon breakthroughs in my life. I decree overflowing joy in my life. I decree progress upon progress for every member of my family. My eyes will continue to see new and glorious things.

This Blessed Day, What eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard and what has not entered into the heart of people that is good will definitely happen in my life to the glory of God. I and my loved ones will continue to fulfill destiny in a grand style.

This Blessed Day, I shall receive calls of Favour from different places in the land. My life will continue to be a great inspiration to many. Pleasant surprises will dominate my life. My God will honour me in ways that I have never seen before. It is forever well with me.

This Blessed Day, My mouth will keep singing for joy. My eyes will keep seeing great things. My legs will keep treading on good places of comfort. My ears will keep hearing good news. There shall be a commotion of unimaginable blessings in my life.

This Blessed Day, It shall be victory galore for me. Nothing will stop me from going forward and upward in life. No plan of the wicked will come to pass in my life. I shall not suffer any form of loss. My life will continue to be a great model of blessing to mankind.

This Blessed Day, I confess that things will keep getting better and better for me. I confess that my life will ever be expanding with great honour. I confess that money will never be my problem. I confess that I will continue to be on top of life no matter what.

This Blessed Day, The seed of overflowing joy and great peace will continue to flourish in me. No weapon designed against my constant progress and happiness shall function. As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord. My God will keep enlarging my coast.

❤️It’s a great joy to know that we are the creator of our own realities. Accepting this great fact will change many things for you. For example, you can change things positively by the words you speak into your life. Use these blessings and share them!🙏🏿

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