Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #49


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #49

This Blessed Week, New joy from the Lord shall keep filling my heart. The blessings that I have never seen before will continue to fill my life. Divine connections is ever my portion. My concerted labour will never be in vain. The blessings of the Lord will keep abounding in me.

This Blessed Week, I shall be honored beyond my wildest imagination. I shall experience more and more financial wonders in my life. My life will keep drawing many to God. Only the things that are greatly beneficial will keep pouring into my life.


This Blessed Week, Nothing will limit the hands of God in my life. The power of God will keep avenging me of all my enemies. It is forward ever for me and setbacks never. My time of total health is here.

This Blessed Week, I shall continually be rested and prosperous. I will not faint or be weary in any way. My God will continue to settle me beyond my wildest imagination. I will keep living in total joy and peace.

This Blessed Week, There shall be speedy vengeance against any agent of the wicked in my family. The high praise of God will always be in my mouth. Hilarious joy and unstoppable breakthroughs is my portion.. My life will always be full of happiness and great laughter. I will ever be Winning and going higher in accomplishment to the glory and praise of God. Everywhere I go, it shall be Favour galore.

This Blessed Week, My life shall be full of unimaginable blessings. It will always be from glory to glory for me and my household. The Word of God will keep becoming realities in my life. Nothing will stop me from enjoying the best of life to the glory of God.

This Blessed Week, My mouth will taste good things. My system will keep working perfectly. I shall be honored in high places. Nothing and no one will limit me in any way. I will ever be scaling greater heights in every aspect of my life. It is ever well with me.

This Blessed Week, It shall be total health for me and every member of my household. I will spend no dime to treat any form of sickness and diseases. My money will continue to defend me and mankind against any form of misery and sorrow to the glory of God.

This Blessed Week, It is forward ever and backward never for me. I will always be living the colorful and adventurous life full of progress and laughter. My life will ever be a living example of victory and splendor. The love of God will keep abounding in me.

This Blessed Week, It is victory ever and defeat never for me. Every aspect of my life shall be characterized with unlimited joy and great peace. I will continue to be a picture of serenity and greater well being to the people around me.

This Blessed Week, I shall experience great financial miracles. Beautiful ideas of total prosperity will keep flooding my soul. My life will ever be blessing humanity in greater dimensions. Every organ in my body will continue to function optimally in best condition ever to God’s glory.

❤️If you really want to live a blessed life, never focus on problems. Always focus on solutions. Always. These declarations here are SOLUTIONS to life’s problems. Use them! Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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