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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #43

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #43

This Golden Day, My eyes will continue to see the glory of God. Divine fortune is ever my heritage. My God will continue to guide me continually. This land will keep yielding her abundance to me and my loved ones.

This Golden Day, The flower of my life will keep on blooming. My life will continue to blossom in amazing ways. My God will continue to defend me everywhere I go. It is up and up for me in every positive way.


This Golden Day, My feet will continually be guided to places of honour. I will ever remain a victor. Every obstacle around me will turn to miracle. Every evil imagination against my life in any way shall not prosper.

This Golden Day, My ways in God shall be forever smooth. No evil wind will blow around me and my household. Whatever may want to toil with my glorious destiny shall be met with divine judgment.

This Golden Day, My life will continue to be more and more fruitful. Vengeance will continue answer in my favor. Every chain of delay resisting my testimonies are hereby declared judged.

This Golden Day, Every manipulative forces resisting my destiny in any way are hereby destroyed. It is victory unlimited for me. My God will continue to make me showpiece before my enemies.

This Golden Day, No one will have any reason to mock me in any way. There shall be commotion of blessings in my life to God’s glory. The enemy will be humiliated in greater dimensions.

This Golden Day, I shall not partake of any evil. The bright light of God will keep shining in and around me. Complete restoration is ever my portion in God. It shall be joy unlimited for me and my household.

This Golden Day, My presence will continue terrorize the enemies of my progress. I receive afresh divine wisdom to keep reigning. Whatever may want to hinder my walk with my Father God will not have access in my life.

This Golden Day, Every stronghold of the enemies in my affairs. It shall be gains upon gains in my life. News doors of breakthroughs will ever open for me. Anything resisting my glory is hereby shattered.

This Golden Day, My God will announce me. Special turnaround is my portion in every positive way. I release the vengeance of God upon every principalities and powers against my colorful destiny in any way.

❤️Persist in blessing yourself. Persist in sharing the blessings. Persist in positivity. Persist in imagining a blessed life. You cannot lose!🙏🏿

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