Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #42


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #42

This Golden Day, total happiness and joy mixed with laughter is ever my portion. Total health is ever my portion with a continual streams of financial favours. I declare that this is my time for extravagant blessings.

This Golden Day, My life will keep radiating the glory of God. New blessings that are very rare will keep flowing into my life in abundance. Calls of good news will come to me from different places to God’s glory.


This Golden Day, Every member of my family including me will continue to experience the goodness of God in greater dimensions. My God will keep rewarding me in amazing ways.

This Golden Day, I claim more and more the abundant grace of God. I will continue to be above and never beneath. I receive divine wisdom in greater measures for extraordinary exploits.

This Golden Day, All the promises of God concerning my life will keep coming to pass. I receive divine strength afresh for more and more exploits in the kingdom of God. I will continue to shine brightly in this life.

This Golden Day, I will not faint in any way in living the glorious life in God. My God will give me grace and glory. My heart will always be full of joy and peace with total confidence.

This Golden Day, My God will surely promote me. I will continue to be listed among the greatly blessed. Great resources will abound in my life for a satisfying life. Heavenly life is ever my portion.

This Golden Day, My God will infuse me continually with his peace and joy for more and more blessed life. I will keep taking my place in destiny. No form of death shall be found around and within me.

This Golden Day, The gifts of God upon my life will continue to profit me maximally to the glory of God. The topmost top is my place wherever I go. The miracles of God will keep showing forth in my life.

This Golden Day, There shall be definite open heavens upon me and my household. Total health with divine strength is ever my portion. I will continue to manifest the will of God in every area of my life.

❤️It’s been a great delight sharing these blessings with millions of people all over the world. Let’s spread the blessings more and more!🙏🏿

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