Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #37


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #37

This Golden Day, There shall be an unending downpour of the rain of blessings upon my life. My household will keep rolling in great wealth to the glory and praise of God.

This Golden Day, Divine honour is my portion in God. There shall be a commotion of God’s blessings in my habitation. It shall continue to be up and up for me in every area of my life.


This Golden Day, The grace of God upon my life shall grow stronger and stronger. My peace will keep growing bigger and there shall be overflowing joy in my heart always no matter what is happening around me.

This Golden Day, The shout of victory will keep sounding in my dwelling place. I will always be on the winning side. I shall be filled more and more with divine wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

This Golden Day, I will continue to grow from glory to glory. My life will continue to be on fire for God. It shall be increase upon increase for me in every good way. my God will supernaturally perfect all that concerns me.

This Golden Day, I decree unlimited breakthroughs for me and my loved ones. Things will keep working better and better for me and my loved ones. My life shall continually be full of order to the glory of God.

This Golden Day, I will keep going higher and higher in this life. Nothing and no one will able to block my blessings from me. My God will keep opening more and more doors of Favour for me and my household.

This Golden Day, My God will shatter every form of obstacles across my path of glory. No one shall be able to manipulate me in any way. My life shall be full of the wonders of God.

This Golden Day, Whatever won’t let my life go forward shall be shattered without remedy. My God will keep fighting my battles and I will keep resting in Him. I condemn anything that may be resisting me from enjoying this life.

This Golden Day, The life of God will keep increasing more and more in me for greater glory. The things that are beneficial and beautiful shall keep flooding my life in torrents to the glory of God.

❤️God is good to all. So if God is good to you, why not amplify His blessings over your life by constantly declaring that you are blessed? This is the pathway of the wise. Remember to share the blessings today🙏🏿

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