Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #36


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #36

This Golden Day, The light of God will keep shinning upon me. Wherever I go, I shall obtain more and more favour from God and people. It is forever well with me.

This Golden Day, success is ever my portion. I shall be full of inspirations and vigour. Blessings upon blessings will keep pouring over my life to the glory of God.


This Golden Day, Great peace shall continually be my portion. All the things I do shall be blessed beyond measure. Only peaceful people will surround me.

This Golden Day, All the cells in my body shall be full of life. Total health is ever my portion. My heart will continue to be filled with joy. It is forever well with me.

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This Golden Day, Increase upon increase is ever my heritage. I will continue to flourish with all my loved ones. Worries and anxieties shall be far from me in every way.

This Golden Day, Good things will continue to abound in my life. Perfect peace is forever my portion. The wicked will have no place to rest in my habitation.

This Golden Day, My labour shall be rewarded abundantly. Whoever may want to trouble me in any way shall be disgraced. Joy unspeakable full of glory is ever my portion.

This Golden Day, I will not carry any burden in any way as all has been put upon my God. I will continue to experience the blessings of God in an unimaginable ways.

This Golden Day, I will continue to experience the help of God. I will continue to witness victory upon victory. I will continue to enjoy the bounties of God with my household.

This Golden Day, Divine strength for more and more exploits is my portion. Better ideas for positive change of levels will come to me. Everywhere I go, it shall be victory galore.

This Golden Day, Total deliverance from every form of bondage is forever my portion. Nothing will limit me in any way. No one will have access to steal my joy in any way.

❤️I am telling you again and again that it is in your own great interest to stay positive no matter what. Let your thoughts stay on blessings 24/7. Share the blessings.🙏🏿

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