Follow these rules to keep your eyes healthy


Follow these rules to keep your eyes healthy

The eyes are one of our most important organs. When the light of the eyes goes out, the whole life will become dark. So take care of the eyes.

Yet, under the pressure of daily work, we forget to take care of our most precious eyes. But a little change in lifestyle or habits will keep the eyes healthy, experts say. Let’s find out.


Taking a sip of cold water —

Each of us has to look at electronic devices for a long time for one reason or another. Also, we watch favorite shows on TV for a long time throughout the day. He also has to look at the TV screen. As a result of all these things, one of the most important organs of our body is damaged. Experts recommend removing the eyes from the computer screen at least 20 minutes apart and give a splash of cold water in between work.

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Use sunglasses —

Experts recommend wearing glasses or sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Use UV protection sunglasses when out in the sun. So that the intense heat of the sun does not catch the eye.


Daily suggested intake of vegetables is a lot of experts. Green vegetables are very beneficial for eye health. They also recommend eating fresh fruit every day.

Look at the green of nature

The green of nature, like the eyes, are looking at. We have heard such things from our parents since childhood. We need to continue this habit until old age to keep our eyes healthy.

Touch the eyes with clean hands —

Your hands are enough to reduce eye strain! But first, rub your hands very well and heat them. Now place that hot palate on the eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly through the nose. This way sleep problems will be reduced. But first of all, clean it by hand.

Avoid smoking Smoking —

Is very harmful to eye health. Regular smoking damages eyesight so much that there is no way out.

The checkup —

Eye good eye checkups need to be done regularly to keep it. So that if there is any problem, it is possible to get treatment immediately. Because many eye problems are not understood in advance. If the problem is caught at the right time, the treatment is facilitated.

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