Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #33


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #33

This Precious Day, It shall be gains upon gains for me. There shall be regular flow of divine supplies to my household. No attack on me and my loved ones will prosper. No threat of the wicked will reach me. It is forever the heavenly life for me and my family.

This Precious Day, my eyes shall not see evil. My mind shall be full of success thoughts. My ear shall be full with good news. My home shall be full of blessings. My mouth will keep enjoying good things. No form of disgrace shall be seen around me in any way.


This Precious Day, Order will prevail in my home. Every resistance against my rising shall be defeated gallantly. More and more opportunities for progress will flood my life. Financial blessings shall abound in my life to the glory of God. I will keep growing in influence.

This Precious Day, Blessings ordained for my glory will keep coming to me. Everyone ordained to assist me in reaching my goals will keep coming to me. Every aspect of my life will continue to experience the favours of God. Nothing will separate me from the love of God.

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This Precious Day, There shall be an over flow of Godly blessings in my life and household. The overcoming spirit in me will continue to help me dominate any circumstance to Gods glory. Everywhere I go, it shall be enlargement upon enlargement. I will keep reigning in God.

This Precious Day, Nothing will block my happiness and joy. No one will be used against me and my rising. No external aggression against my promotion will work. No plan of negative people shall contaminate my rosy future in God. I declare that I am blessed in every way. It is my turn to flourish!

This Precious Day, Financial increase is my portion. No attack will hurt my prosperity. I will continue to partake of the goodness of God In the land of the living with my household. My name will continue to terrorize every enemy of my progress. Life will ever be pleasant for me.

This Precious Day, No pain will prosper in my life. It shall be divine health galore for me and my loved ones. My integrity shall not be affected in anyway. My existence will continue to be glorious to the core. Indescribable joy will keep flowing in my heart every moment.

This Precious Day, Special blessings shall flood my home. Nice people shall surround me. My life will continue to positively impact many people around me to the glory of God. My love for life and my fellow beings will continue to grow deeper and deeper to the praise of God.

This Precious Day, Many people will call me to simply bless me. My life shall be a delight to many. There shall be continual increase in the peace of my country. The blessings in my country will keep flowing to me and all my loved ones. Nothing will stop me from going higher and higher.

This Precious Day, I declare that there shall be a continual revival in the land. None of my effort shall be in vain. It shall be harvest of blessings galore for me. I will keep enjoying this life to the fullest. Every area of my life shall be full of unimaginable growth. People shall keep calling me blessed.

❤️In continuity lies the power. Continue to internalize these blessings and you will see great things happening in your life. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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