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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #32

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #32

This Precious Day, My life shall be filled with purpose. My God shall connect me more and more with the helper of destiny. I shall suffer no lack of any good thing. I shall run and not be weary and I shall walk and not faint. No evil will touch me and any of my loved ones.

This Precious Day, maximum productivity is my portion. It shall be promotion unlimited for me. I will keep living life to the fullest with overflowing joy. My life with that of all my loved ones will keep reflecting the wonders of God. The sweet life will continue to be my experience.


This Precious Day, The mind of God will continue to increase in my life in greater dimensions. Divine breakthrough is ever my portion. All the cells of my body shall be full of life. All the people in my household shall be in super health. The wind of blessing will keep blowing on me.

This Precious Day, The blessings of God will keep increasing more and more in my life. Divine riches will keep bombarding my home. My life will always be a great blessing to many. Divine connections that will keep expanding my coast will keep reaching me on every side.

This Precious Day, It shall be heaven on earth indeed in my home. My God will show me a token for good. Sorrow and crying shall be very far from me and my loved ones. I will keep increasing in understanding. I will keep enjoying the grand favour of God. It is well with me in every way.

This Precious Day, Absolute rest is my portion. Obstacle shall turn to blessings for me. It shall be forward ever and backward never for me and my loved ones. Unimaginable positive turnaround will continue to be my heritage. My God will keep showing me a token for good.

This Precious Day, My name will continue to cause confusion in the kingdom of darkness. As for me and my household, it shall be victory upon victory with more and more blessings. My sun will keep shinning. My love for God will keep waxing strong. It shall continue to be progress unlimited for me.

This Precious Day, The God of signs and wonders will continue to be my God. My name shall not be mentioned in the place of defeat and shame. It is unlimited increase for me. It is unlimited glory for me. It is unlimited honour for me. It is unlimited riches for me. Nothing will limit me.

This Precious Day, unstoppable progress is continually my portion. Wrong people shall not be found around me. The journey of life will keep getting better and better for me. My work will always be fruitful. My health will always be sound. My life will always be glorious.

This Precious Day, Only loving things shall dominate my mind. Whatever may want to meddle with my joy and inner peace shall be disgraced massively. I shall be going from strength to strength. The seed of divine longevity will keep flourishing in me. I am ever victorious.

❤️Commitment is the key. Are you committed to being blessed no matter what? Your commitment will be reflected in the way you resolutely absorb these blessings into your life. True. Remember to share the blessings today.🙏🏿

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