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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #31

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #31

This Precious Day, New things of honor will keep happening in my life. I will continue to greatly enjoy this life in God. The name of Jesus will continue to work greatly in my life. New levels of blessings will keep flooding my life with maximum favours. Nothing will be too good for me.

This Precious Day, All things will continue to work together for good in my life. My God will continue to show me His mercies and favor. My life will ever be influencing my loved ones and the people around me positively. Only the sound of joy and merriment shall be heard in my home.


This Precious Day, Special blessings from God and people will favor my home. Only the voice of praise and gratitude shall continually be heard in my home. My God will keep defending me. I will ever be increasing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I claim total dominion always.

This Precious Day, I shall continue to experience supernatural blessings and divine success. I will keep living the life of joy and peace. The abundant life of Christ Jesus is ever my portion. The glory of God shall be seen in every area of my life. I will keep having plenty of money to spend.

This Precious Day, My God will satisfy me. My God will elevate me. My God will increase me for more and more blessings. Nothing will stop me from going higher. Nothing will prevent me from enjoying divine prosperity. Nothing will stop me from witnessing more and more miracles.

This Precious Day, It shall be breakthrough galore for me. Everywhere I go; it shall be journey mercies galore for me. Running over blessings will keep coming to me. The unstoppable and healthy existence will continue to be my portion. Divine fortune will always be mine to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, My God will decorate my life with more and more of His blessings. The miraculous will always be my portion. The light of God will keep shinning upon me. No one will have any cause to pity me. My life will keep brimming with joy in every way possible.

This Precious Day, I will continue to prosper in whatever I do. I shall be anointed with grace. Divine wisdom for more and more blessings will dominate my life. Nothing will stop me from executing my forward movement plans. Heavenly joy is definitely for me always no matter what.

This Precious Day, Divine understanding is ever my portion. I will keep possessing my possessions. I shall not be bound by any negative force in any way. It is joy forever for me. No weapon formed against my continual laughter and peace shall function. This is really my time!

This Precious Day, unlimited victory is my portion. Beautiful things will continue to enter my home. Great will always be my peace and that of my household. The mercies of God will keep surrounding me on every side. I will ever remain a model of blessings to mankind in all ways.

❤️Thoughts are so powerful for good or otherwise. Thinking these blessings repeatedly will radically transform your life! I know this because I am a witness! Share the blessings today.🙏🏿

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